Jul 24, 2009

Princess Peach

GameSpy wrote this article called Princess Peach: The Worst Woman in Videogames

As I did agree with some of the points this article wrote. I thought I would stick up for Princess Peach. So here are some reasons why she isn't the worst woman in video games.

1. Would you rather be saving Luigi?

The article pointed out that Princess Peach leads Mario on. I agree with 100%, but would you rather be saving Luigi or a Toad? Princess Peach is the reason we have these adventures. If people didn't like saving Princess Peach, then wouldn't they have stopped playing the Mario series a long time ago?

2. Is she really that stereotypical?
Sure she has the whole pink outfit going on, but lets take a look at other video game girls. Hmm... yes... here we are... BOOBS! From Tomb Raider to Street Fighter... BOOBS! Now I'm not saying there is anything wrong with this. I would say though, that Princess Peach is very far away from being a stereotypical video game girl. Maybe that's a downside though?

Sorry for the awful YouTube Screenshot, but here we have Princess Peach from the Spaceballs: Animated Series. This is the more stereotypical Princess Peach we've been looking for.

3. She can hover!
As shown in Super Mario 2 Princess Peach can hover. Shes doing some Criss Angel... or should I say Criss Angel is doing some Princess Peach moves? Turns out no one played as Toad in that game even though he was fastest (sorry Toad, this is no Sonic game, that will come out in a couple of years). You either played as the Mario Bros or Princess Peach, but that gets me thinking. What was the point of Super Mario 2? If we are not saving Princess Peach from a castle... What the HELL ARE WE DOING? (Some gamer nerd is shaking their head, while he's mumbling the whole story plot of Super Mario 2 to themselves.)

4. She was baking a cake!

Source of Image

It's not like shes a jerk to Mario. In Mario 64 right in the beginning, we have Princess Peach saying that Mario should come over. Why should Mario come over? She baked a cake! That's right, the cake is not a lie! I also bet the cake would of been delicious if Princess Peach didn't get kidnapped.

5. She does have her own game.

This is at the bottom of the list because she basically only has one game to her name, which not many people have probably heard of or have played. At least shes trying right?

Here is a small list for why I think Princess Peach is a descent person, but I can see what the people at GameSpy were talking about. We all know that these articles are written for fun and there is no need for a spam Princess Peach war. So no hard feelings to the people at GameSpy.


  1. Great article! But just for your reference... Super Mario 2 actually didn't have anything to do with Mario initially. It was another game that they just stuck mario characters into in order to get a sequel out in the US as soon as they could. You should check out the wiki on it, it's pretty interesting.

  2. Ah I see... I remember hearing that it had something to do with a dream Mario had. Maybe that's just the ending I just spoiled. I've never actually beat the second Mario.