Jul 17, 2009

Simon Pegg + Nick Frost = Paul

British comedy icons, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (duo of Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz fame) are back together for... get this, an American Road Trip movie!? Oh yes my friends. Written and starred by.

The story follows Pegg and Frost as two Brit sci-fi geeks who travel to Roswell's Area 51, where they find a stranded extra-terrestrial by the name of Paul. Paul will be half-motion capture and half CGI, but both voice and bodily movements will be captured by none other than Seth Rogen. This movie is also going to capture an all-star cast with the likes of Jo Lo Truglio, Bill Hader, Dave Koechner, and John Caroll Lynch among others.

I for one am totally stoked, as the pairing of Pegg and Frost can do no wrong. Even in their own promotional video the two make me squeal with delight. Maybe it's the accents? Either way, check out the video on youtube video, sponsored by the film makers.

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