Jul 4, 2009

Steve-O: Out On Bail

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Now that Steve-O has returned to the world as a zombie, he decided to pull pranks on religious people and small children. Thank Kermit the Frog that he captured it all on film! Ok joking from the whole zombie prank movie, even though the cover is quite convincing that he is in fact a zombie. Being a fan of the Jackass show and movies, I decided to check out Steve-O: Out On Bail. I looked into it on Wiki and it said that this is the stuff that was censored out of the Jackass series and of parties. Everyone was high and drunk and you could really tell. While watching the Jackass movies, everyone knew they must of been doing some sort of drugs or drinking, but not to the point shown in this movie. We got people falling over from being to drunk, people laughing uncontrollably because there drunk, people drinking breast milk, and all sorts of things.

This movie is not for children obviously and not for the weak stomach. There is a scene when the director craps between the two doors that connect hotel rooms. Someone then steps in it and walks around the hotel rooms. Maybe I would of found that funny in high school, but now that I'm older and I'm more lame... not so much.

This movie isn't going to stop me from being a fan of the show Jackass. It might be dumb, but it's entertainment. This movie on the other hand didn't seem that entertaining, more as an annoying movie. Also the Wiki mentioned that Steve-O recorded all this footage for his friend's and his own amusement. It wasn't really attended for an audience. So why was it released on DVD? Turned out some people on Netflix really enjoyed this movie... while other people hated it. It's actually really split down the middle receiving a 2.9 on Netflix.

Now that Steve-O has sobered up and is becoming older, I think this might be an end to all the parties and crazy drunk people on camera. So would Steve-O enjoy this movie if he watched it today? We might never know the real answer.

When you should see it: It's on the Netflix Instant Watch till near the end of July. If you're a fan of Jackass, Steve-O and you're alright with watching someone go number 2. Then go check it out.


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