Jul 18, 2009

Transporter 3 Review

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Frank Martin (Jason Statham) is a retired Transporter. His military Special Forces martial arts expertise and customized for battle, speed and maneuvering cars sit idly by as he spends his days fishing, but is forced into one last job by a diabolical environmental terrorist. Frank Martin's car is taken by the terrorists and modified with its own GPS so they can track his progress, and a piece of machinery that will cause the bracelet around Martin's wrist to explode if he should get too far from the car. What Martin has to transport in this mission is two big bags in his back seat which he's not supposed to open, and a mysterious young Ukraine woman (Natalya Rudakova).

As with all films in the Transporter series, the action speaks for itself. Numerous hand-to-hand combat scenes, fast car chases and shoot outs occur which really sucks you in. Not enough can be said about the choreography, and Statham does practically all of his own stunts as well since he's legitimately trained in martial arts. A negative that stands out in the film has to be the actual writing, particularly in the dialog for non-staple characters. The Ukraine woman has some pretty cheesy lines, to the point you even put aside the believable fact she doesn't know much English and say 'no one would ever say that unless they were in a movie'. And the environmental terrorist sometimes leaves your head hanging in disappointment as well.

My Highlights:
The garage fight scene, and the brute sent after Frank Martin in this fight. Martin: "Let me guess, you're the smart one." Nameless Brute: "No. I'm the big one." Statham always brings the goods in cinematic battle. Another highlight would be how Martin improvises when his car goes over a bridge into a lake. How does one not put distance between himself and his car when they're both sinking? Martin's a genius. That's how.

Overall Rating:
The writing really puts a damper on this film, which can't be a full hour and forty minutes of action (by law). The action scenes are still amazing, but I sadly, it's just no Crank 2. Thus, I award this movie 2 1/2 *'s. It's just mediocre. As a wise man once said, not everything that Jason Statham is in is good, but Jason Statham is good in everything that he's in.

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