Jul 13, 2009

UUVVWWZ - Self Titled Album Review

album art from lala.com

Release Date: July 7, 2009
Tracks: 9
Runtime: 42:24

Track Rundown:

1) "Berry Can" - Dark, Moody, Subtle, and hypnotically catchy. With vocals that remind me of Blondie, a groove feeling like "Maps" by The Yeah Yeah Yeah's, and a really rocking band, I'm already tempted to buy this album based off the strength of this one song. 5 *'s.

2) "Shark Suit" - A drum-start to the track that other bands should take notes on. You know when this track starts. I really dig the vocals of this song, and the lyrics, but the during the verses the guitar work comes off kind of grating. Based solely off the vocals and epic drumming in the song, it's strong enough for a 3 1/2 *'s. Just powerful enough to not skip over when the track plays.

3) "Jap Dad" - Parts of it are very head-boppy. It retains the band's hypnotic kind of groove, and frankly, I thought this was kind of a joke-track, as some parts are so ridiculous that it seems to drive laughter out of me. However this album may not have been the proper medium for it, so I can only give it a 2 *'s. Then again, if you purchase Pocky as often as you purchase gasoline, have a library full of Manga, and can name four different animes that have come out post-Dragon Ball Z, you may rate this song higher.

4) "Neolaño" - We break it down with the near-eight minute ballad, and man, does this song belong on a soundtrack. You put some sexy, sultry, internally distressed heroin coming home from a long day, letting her hair down and running a bath scene on, and this song will make whatever actress casted memorable. It's so bluesy, that like the first song, I'm strongly already considering purchasing this album. 5 *'s, for sure, but for the life of me, I couldn't find what this word meant.

5) "Castle" - It's sweet as sugar sounding in the beginning, as though you're sitting in a room with an innocent little girl as she tells you about princesses in far away fairy tale lands. Then, you're at a White Stripes concert. And back and forth, bringing a really interesting and artsy dynamic to the track. I'm conflicted on whether or not I would actually listen to this track over and over if I did indeed purchase this album, but I can definitely give a big ups to the stylistic integrity. 4 *'s.

6) "Green Starred Sleeve" - Speaking of The White Stripes, ta-freaking-dah. Who would have thought a female vocalist could have been groomed in such a way that she could be the world's greatest Jack White coverer. 4 *'s.

7) "Trapezeus" - Oh My Kermit The Frog. Yes. This is Rock. Similar to track 2, "Shark Suit" the drumming is just crazy in this song. The guitarist, breathtaking. He's like a freaking metalhead, but not like today's thrash metal hardcorists, I mean like classic metal. Knowing your riffs, AND knowing when to play them to optimal effect. Even the vocals are hard hitting. It's kind of like Heart, in that you know it's a chick, but it's dark, it's edgy, and it's pretty arousing. 5 *'s.

8) "The Sun" - A half-hearted second ballad, that's kind of Sunday-morning jazzy and a little bit poppy. There's a strong channeling from The Doors in this one, but I'm just not sure the band has its core in the same world as The Doors. Can't really find much I like about the album other than it's big aspirations. 2 *'s.

9) "Hum Jam" - Another Doors kind of track, but at least this one is closer to what the the rest of the album was all about. There's a very unique style and artisticness to this track, even the subject manner. Not an awful close to the album. 3 1/2 *'s.

My Highlights:
"Trapezeus", "Neolaño" and "Berry Can" are all epic tunes. There's a very metal toned White Stripes feel to them. You should at the very least check these songs out on sites like lala.com (link provided below in Overall Rating).

Overall Rating:
3 3/4 *'s. Considering this is a no-name band that it might take time for the mainstream to catch up with, the price might be cheaper than your average, well known band album. That, plus the fact that it downright rocks hard, I say go out and buy this album. You can download the whole digital MP3 album at lala.com where I got a free preview listen for $6.49, or buy the physical disc off the site for just under $10.

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