Jul 19, 2009

Video Game Review: Bone

My pre-order of the new Tales of Monkey Island (Check back later for review) on Tell Tale Games came with a free game. I could choose from any episode for free of Sam and Max, Strong Bad's Games, Wallace and Gromit, or Bone. I went with Bone because it happens to be my favorite comic book series and it's the only series that I can't get off Xbox Live or WiiWare.

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My brother sat alongside me while I played because he is a fan of the series as well. We both feared the same thing, which was hearing voices of the characters from Bone. Often you picture someone to have a certain voice and when you hear the voice in the game you just can't agree. Alright I give them credit, because all the human characters in the game had good voice actors. I can't really complain about the way the Bone characters sounded like, because what does a Bone character sound like anyway? The voice acting just took some time to get use to.

The game had puzzles, but they were pretty dull in the fun department. I would say. The funnest puzzle was when we got to control a bug named Ted and helped him cross the river. This puzzle made us thinking for a bit and made us work for it. All the other puzzles in the game didn't require a brain. There is this one part of the game that you have to play hide n' seek. You are the one finding and you count to ten blah blah blah. So when you move, the mice you are looking for will yell "Cold, Warm or Hot." This way you know what hiding spots to click. The trickiest part of this was actually knowing they said these hints. My brother and I just started clicking places of hiding and ended up losing.

There is a hint system in this game, that will help you out from time to time. If you really need it, it's really not that hard to figure out everything. It took my brother and I two hours to beat the first episode of Bone.

I'm saving the best news for last. They stuck to the original storyline from the comic book series! Making this game basically an interactive novel in a sense. Since this game costs $8 for people without a download code and only two episodes exist, you are better off buying the whole comic book series at Amazon for $15 used or $26 new.

Final Thoughts: I can't really find a way to recommend this game. Unless you have a free game code like I did. I can though, recommend the comic book series. So give this game a pass and go straight to the comic.


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