Jul 28, 2009

Video Game Review: Professor Layton

Title: Professor Layton and the Curious Village
System: Nintendo DS
Rating: E

Review: An interactive novel for the DS and I'm sold. That was the thought I had when going into Professor Layton. The story puts you in the role of Professor Layton and Luke. You are sent to this village in search for something that is called "The Golden Apple." While you are here looking, you fall into other mysteries in this village. I can't give much more information without spoiling the game, but I can say that the story is great, the characters are great and the mysteries are great. Really the story is what makes the game. Well and the puzzles in the game.

Everyone here (The Village) thinks of you as "the great Professor Layton." Everyone is trying to test out how smart you really are, so they give you puzzles throughout the game. There are so many different types of puzzles in this game. Puzzles like the classic Wolf, Sheep and Cabbage puzzle, math related puzzles, even to some optical illusions. The puzzles are endless in this game.
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The music and the look to the game are just amazing on the DS. With beautiful animated cut scenes during the game, to just the music everywhere. The music never gets annoying to listen to. Which is great because it would be awful to hear awful music while trying to figure out some of these puzzles.

Final Thoughts: I love doing these reviews, because of games like this. I might have to play some bad games, but some games that no one has never heard of turn out to be the best of them all. I'm now waiting for the sequel to this game that's coming out in August! Buy or rent, if you're a puzzle or interactive novel maniac like myself. For the people that hate puzzles... then go find a different game.

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