Jul 7, 2009

Wanted - Film Review

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Wesley Gibbon (James McAvoy) is a depressed, anxiety suffering nobody working a cubicle job that he hates along with the rest of his life. He remains part of a relationship with a girlfriend who he knows is cheating on him with his best friend, and he doesn't blame his father for walking out on him and his mother at a very young age. Little does he know his father has super-human abilities that make him top of the class in an organization of assassins, and he shares the same abilities. That same organization is making strides to recruit Wesley as a replacement.

Not enough can be said about the special effects. There are some top of the line special effects and some decent enough dark humor to give you a few laughs in the mix of the seriousness of things. James McAvoy's acting however does stand out, as sometimes he's excellent in his role, but sometimes he clearly wants desperately to be the unnamed narrator from Fight Club played by Edward Norton. But of course Morgan Freeman is Godly and balances the acting scale back out.

My Highlights:
The too-truthful ATM machine, the ridiculous car stunts that make The Fast And The Furious weep in shame. Also any time Wesley flips out and starts rampaging, be it in the office or in the final fight scene.

Overall Rating:
What's working for this movie will make it stand out in your mind, but things do drag it down and will become an instinctive afterthought when brought up, like run-time, over-usage of twists, and inexplicable imbalance of probability (the kind of feeling where you ask the screen, wait, why didn't you just do what you did thirty minutes ago? That'd solve all your problems!) So while not an awful movie, it's a fun popcorn flick, and deserving a 3 1/2 *'s.

When You Should See It:
There's really not a huge rush. Feel free to rent it if your Blockbuster/Netflix queue isn't that long, or if you're in a movie rental store and on the spur of the moment you want something actiony. However I wouldn't say this is a must-buy movie, unless you've given it a test-drive and you find it on sale for half the usual price.

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