Jul 10, 2009

Xbox Live Arcade Review: N+

This week the Xbox360's deal of the week is 50% off the game N+. I went ahead and picked the game up for its 50% price of 400 points.

I remember getting the demo to this a long time ago, for some reason I didn't think the game was that great. That's until I was bored one night and I noticed that it was on the deal of the week. I went ahead and bought it. I was quite wrong from my original opinion.

This game requires the skills of a ninja. You hop around finding the key to open a door. The faster you move the more smooth things will go. For a better understanding check the video below.

This game is jammed packed with levels. They're infinite amount of levels in the end run. That's because you are aloud to create your own level (as you saw in the picture at top) and download other people's levels. This leaves you with a infinite amount of play. It comes with 50 single player levels, Co-op levels, online play, and the level creator.

I got my brother to play the Co-op levels with me to see if they were any good. We almost beat the Co-op section to the game, but it got too tough for us to finish. We were entertained for 2 hours from just playing one little part of the game. You have to work together to get to the door, making it very difficult at times, but making it very fun to play Co-op.

I went online to check it out and you can choose from two games: Race and Survivor. Race is basically self-explained, you race to the end. If you die you have to start from the beginning. The Survivor game you must collect time coins while everything is trying to kill you. With everyone trying to get the same time coins, it becomes a brutal battle. Between the two online modes they were a blast to play. Really fun to play against other people across the internet.

I'm having a blast playing this and I recommend you go buy it while it's 400 points! There are many hours of gameplay to have from this game. At least go try out the demo on Xbox Live.

Plus you can download the original game for free at http://www.thewayoftheninja.org/


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