Jul 23, 2009

Yay for sales

Hollywood Video/Movie Gallery is having a $5 game sale. I must warn you though that not all of the stores are running this deal. I went to a total of four stores in New Hampshire and only two had this sale going on.

I was reading that a lot of people were getting great games. Sadly I didn't get exactly what I was looking for, but I ended up getting 10 games for $50. Not bad considering what I saved.

What I got for Xbox 360:

-Gun (originally $14.99)
-Perfect Dark Zero collector's edition (originally $9.99)
-Saints Row (originally $14.99)
-The Bigs (originally $14.99)
-Top Spin 2 (originally $9.99)
-Virtua Tennis 3 (originally $17.99)

Original Xbox:
-BloodRayne (Already $5)

-Dark Cloud (Already $5)
-Resident Evil Code: Veronica (Already $5)

-Elite Beat Agents (originally $9.99)

I saved around $57, not a terrible pile of games for the money. I would of liked to see more of what I wanted, but you can't always get your way.

So look forward to some reviews.

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