Jul 29, 2009

Year One Review

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At some point in the ancient, uncivilized, bible-days, a primitive village hosts two caveman-like black sheep: Zed (Jack Black) and Oh (Michael Cera). Zed is a fat, oafish, selfish and clumsy hunter, who screws things up for his other hunters. Oh, is a feminine man-boy who plays the traditional female role of fruit gatherer. Both Zed and Oh have their eyes on particular women in their village, but because of their individual downfalls, neither women are interested in them. After pulling a move out of the bible, Zed eats from the tree of knowledge's forbidden fruit and gets outcast from the village, taking Oh by his side on some wacky, Judeo-Christian inspired adventures.

All of the actors and actresses do a wonderful job. Things really seem serious when they want to be, whereas you know when there's a joke and when you're supposed to laugh. David Cross' portrayal of the religious figure Cain also stands out, as Cain definitely had the most entertaining scenes in the movie.

Something that stood out negatively to me was the breaking of the fourth wall. There were instances that struck me as unbelievable within the realm of the world that was created for this film. For example, a joke would be made and I'd be sitting in my seat yelling in my head "Okay, I know they're speaking perfect, American-accented English, and religious events that in all likelihood probably happened many years apart (assuming they happened/going along with the chronology of the way things were told they happened) happen within days of each other, but there's just no way a cave man would use a modern day expression that we use today like "Screw the Pooch"".

My Highlights:
Cain and Abel for sure. Cain has some great, great scenes. Also, Zed and Oh locked in a dungeon, chained to a wall, with a very full bladder.

Overall Rating:
I'm a fan of Jack Black and Michael Cera movies in all shapes and sizes, so this film follows up with the typical set standard - it was entertaining, it was brainless, and it was fun. I didn't regret spending the money to see it, but at the same time, there were parts that were lacking. I'd rate this film about 3 *'s, which on my scale falls within Nacho Libre and School Of Rock.

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