Aug 16, 2009

Bruno Review

Bruno is a gay Austrian fashion reporter who gets fired from his job and blackballed from anything else of importance in Austria. Bruno's primary assistant abandons him since he's no longer famous, but his assistant's assistant, Lutz stays a loyal follower. Together, the two head to America to reclaim stardom. But over the top gay antics don't fly as well in the good ol' US of A as they do in Austria.

The Standouts:
The writing and improv of Sasha Baron Cohen definitely stands out. The writing stands out because the satire of the average American's level of homophobia is utterly hilarious to watch. It's not just something where you watch someone on the screen be made a fool of, it's an experience that you come across. It's full of grotesque and racy shocking scenes that are supposed to make you grossed out. Even the typical homosexual would probably watch this movie and laugh at the sheer obscenities put on the screen. As for the improv, anyone who knows Cohen's work knows these kinds of mockumentaries that he makes work with a lot of unsuspecting real victims who don't know what's going on. So the improv really is great.

My Highlights:
So many it's hard to list. To give vague descriptions of the funniest scenes without giving anything away so you know to pay attention when it comes on the screen - Bruno and his first shown gay lover, the pilot screening for his new American TV show, Bruno attempting to contact his old dead lover, and any time Bruno was talking with a southern Bible Thumper.

Overall Rating:
4 *'s - it's not intelligent humor and there isn't a lot of depth to it. It's basically one joke told fifty thousand ways, and while the majority of the ways are funny, it sinks in little by little that you're being told the same joke. But you don't always want something you have to translate or work out in your head, especially in a comedy, so this is a really fantastic movie. Utterly hilarious, and there are parts you honestly might cry from due to uncontrollable laughter. And if you're surrounded by the right crowd at the right time, be it people you want to see offended, grossed out, or the right amount of both to find it as funny as you do, then it might even be worth 4.5 *'s.

When You Should See It:
I was kind of late to seeing it, so time is likely running out on viewing it in theaters. But in terms of rental, or catching it quickly before it leaves the cinema, no matter what, gather people around to watch it. It's a social experiment that you'll enjoy. No one should have to feel this kind of awkward shame alone, especially when you're ribs are hurting from laughing so much while you feel it. So that's the verdict - wait until you can gather at least one, but hopefully a minimum of two other people, then see it.

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