Aug 18, 2009

Clearance Bin Video Game Review: Crash of the Titans

Title: Crash of the Titans
Rating: E
System: About every system out

Script: Welcome to the Organized Remains Clearance Video Game Review of Crash of the Titans. You can find this game for $10 on Amazon and probably will see it in clearance bins at stores. Before you go out to find it, you better have a look at this review.
Heres the story, just a nice day with Crash Bandicoot and his family, when Cortex ruins everything: kidnaps Crash’s sister CoCo and let me say it again… ruins everything. Let’s talk about this new Crash Bandicoot. Tattoos? Speaks in a stupid gibberish!? Runs like an idiot!?

This is not Crash Bandicoot! I know Crash Bandicoot! I loved Crash Bandicoot! AND THIS IS NO CRASH BANDICOOT!

So this is where the adventure begins to stop Cortex. You can do all the basic jumping and punching… wait? Punching? What happened to the spinning in the original Crash Bandicoots!? He looks stupid when hes punching! While you still can do the spinning move, it’s not as powerful as the punch. So you will be forced to end up adopting the punch.

You also collect blue things called Mojo. Collect enough to make the circle at the top complete and Crash will learn a new ability or make a power up stronger. Also the health bar is different from the original games, but lets face it, that was like a decade ago and a different company that made Crash Bandicoot. This is the Crash Bandicoot of the new generation. Inked up and on crack.

The enemies you have to fight between are the scientist that sound like Professor Frink from the Simpsons, all the way to the cavemen-like people. It’s basically just a one punch kill. What makes this game the most different from any Crash bandicoot is the “Jacking” system. There are larger creatures in this game and if you daze and confuse them enough, you can take control over them. There are a couple of different creatures out there who each have their own abilities.

Final Say: This game is not the most awful game out there, but it's far from the best. The game is so repetitive that you will be bored of it within an hour or two. There are some different things during the game, to mix it up like the hover board levels. Also there is a ton of replay value to this game, if you do find yourself in love with it. For me though, I cannot recommend this game at $10, to rent it would be cheaper. That’s what I recommend if you have any interest in playing this game or try to find the game for $5 or less.

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