Aug 8, 2009

Clearance Bin Video Game Review: Mirror's Edge

Title: Mirror's Edge
Rating: T
System: Xbox 360 (Also available for other systems)

Video Review:

Welcome to the Clearance Bin Video Game review of Mirror’s Edge. The game only costs $10 for the PC version and $20 for the console versions and that’s brand new. Finding used copies can cost you only 50% of that, but is it worth it?

The story is told through animated cut scenes, which I found to be appealing to the eye. The story puts you in the role as Faith, who they call a Runner. The government hates runners, and will go through anything to stop them. Faith finds out her sister has become a scapegoat to a murder she didn’t commit. The whole point of the game is the rescue your sister.

Mirror’s Edge is that something so similar, but so different type of game. Taking the First Person view of Faith, you become an Olympic athlete, who can do about anything. Climb fences, jump to far away places, climb up and down poles run up a wall and jump to another, bust threw doors, slide threw vents and fall to your death. Also don’t forget the government hates you and will be shooting at you while you’re doing this. Which this can also lead you to falling to your death. You also get to fight on the cops and you even take their gun and use it to your advantage.

The game also has replay value as you can do speed runs on all the chapters you have completed in the game. If you’ve noticed there are only 9 chapters in the game, this making it a short game. Taking only 5 too 7 hours to beat on normal.

Final Say: So is the game worth the $10? I would have to say yes! $10 is a great value for this game, it was getting repetitive near the end, just jumping to one place to another, but it offered a lot of gameplay I’ve never experience. This was a nice break from all the first person shooters out there. I say go out and buy this game or even rent it.

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