Aug 13, 2009

Clearance Bin Video Game Review: MadWorld

Title: MadWorld
Rating: M
System: Nintendo Wii


Welcome to the Clearance Bin Video Game Review of MadWorld for the Nintendo Wii. "Yay! A game for the Wii that’s violent," you’re thinking, right? Well you put yourself into a guy named Jack. Who is X-men’s Wolverine’s brother because this guy has a chainsaw that shoots out of his arm. The point of this game is to survive. You’re stuck in this T.V. show where everyone is stuck in this city and everyone is dying from some illness. The only way to get the antidote is to survive.

Lets talk about the one thing that will attract anyone to playing this game. Lets have some violence! As you punch and slice through guys, you will be able to do a finishing move on people. On the screen a Wii Remote will come up telling you which way to swing the WiiMote. Jack then kills the guy in really gory ways. If you couldn’t tell… this game is rated Mature.

Another way to bring violence is to pick up objects to murder people with. We have street signs, boxes, garbage bags, and way more. There are also places in the city to use to your advantage, like a wall with large spikes on them. You also can obtain weapons in this game for more killings. Killing people gives you points and you have to reach a point value to advance in the game, because there are people watching this for their entertainment, so make the killings more entertaining. Ok that’s enough with the whole violence part of the game.

Oh I forgot there are mini games in this game, like throwing people into a big jet spinner. Oh wait that is still very violent.

Alright Alright, Oh I know I can talk about the Black, White, Red, and a splash of yellow in the game. The game is just a giant comic book, which looks pretty cool and makes it different from most games.

Let me talk about the controls. The Wii Motion makes it feel just like you’re killing someone. The analog stick on the nun chuck needs some work. Also the camera is positioned badly and makes it hard to see around you at times.

I would get to talking about the Bosses, but I ran into a problem. Ya, they showed the intro to the boss I was about to fight, but there we go… the game freezes. Well crap… They must have an autosave thing right? Most games these days do, for if in case something like this happens. Well here I restarted the console and… Uh… Well it has my file on here, but it says playing time 0:00. Lets just double check… ah no no no, this is bad, oh what the crap! Don’t you hate when this happens? The question is to turn off the system or go through the boring tutorial again. I really don’t want to spend another 20 mins going through that again. So I looked at the reviews for the game to see if it was worth it to play through it again. It’s mentioned the whole game is basically the same, kill kill kill. So if I didn’t love the game through the start, it’s unlikely that I will like it later on.

Final Say: I have a feeling that MadWorld only got great reviews because it was violent and was on the Wii. Everyone is giving it great reviews and all they mention was Oh my Kermit the Frog, Violence! I think if it came out on the Xbox or PS3 it would have got worse reviews.

Paying around $15 for this game used I don’t recommend. So I say go rent or wait till you see it much cheaper, but I can’t really recommend it at the price it’s at right now, unless you’re looking for lots of violence on the Wii. Because if you’re looking for violence this game is perfect for you.

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