Aug 6, 2009


Weird Al's newest song/music video came out called CNR. Of course CNR means Charles Nelson Reilly, who was a comedian and a panelist on the Match Game. The song is also in the style of The White Stripes and the video is done by Jib Jab. Man that's a lot of "Wikiing," I'm not sure if that's a term yet, but it should be.

Embedding was disabled for the video, so you're actually going to have to click right here.

If you finished watching this video and think to yourself "Gee I sure wish I could have my picture in this!" Think no longer! If you become a member of Jib Jab, you can upload a picture of your face and watch it dance around! Click here for that kind of fun goodness. Then click Become a Member.

So if you made it this far, you probably want to know my thoughts on this music video? Well I must say I enjoyed it, being a fan of The White Stripes I love it when Weird Al does parodies of bands I like. Also the video was great, comical and disturbing at times.

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