Aug 27, 2009


We've all taken English in high school... well I hope we all have. There are different types of English teachers out there. You know there's the old woman, that doesn't understand technology and refuses to let you use Wikipedia, even though any other website is alright... probably even us at Organized Remains. There is also the new person, that will only last about a year and doesn't really know how to teach a subject.

Anyway, I had an English teacher that was an inspired writer. Probably one of the few teachers that actually published a book. This teacher happened to be my favorite English teacher I've ever had. Why is this? Well because one of the in-class assignments was to watch The Simpsons. You know, to understand what satire is? A+ for me!

So I have here Frostbite by Nathan Graziano (my old English teacher). By reading this I have figured out that my teacher probably has some smoking obsession.. Every character in this book has some smoking ability. Maybe he wanted this to be a reoccurring theme in the book? One thing about the whole book is that it's a bunch of short stories that take place in my home state of New Hampshire. I really did like the short stories, I really did, but my problem was that he built everything up and had no conclusion and would just end the short stories.

Is this a book review... on Organized Remains? I'll never tell! My point of this blog is that if you have a teacher that has written a book, buy it and read it in class in front of him or her. This grantees an A+! Also don't forget to get it autographed because now I have a book by someone I know, and no signature.

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