Aug 15, 2009

Gamer The Movie

Lets get this straight, it's a movie about a game. The game is called Slayers, and has teens as the players. They have control over prison inmates and if they survive a number of rounds, the inmates are set free. The inmates are put into a warzone where there is danger every which way and a lot of shootings. So to get out of jail... you must shoot and kill many people? Seems a little backwards to me, but hey! It's a game! I mean... It's a movie!

Sadly I think this movie will be a flop just because of the name. They better have good advertising for this movie, because so far I only have seen it advertised on Xbox Live. The stereotypical gamer would rather stay home playing video games. Sure, there are gamers out there like myself that love movies as well, but they better stretch the horizon on the ads so more people than "gamers" know about it. If not, you're looking at an empty theater.

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