Aug 17, 2009


Legion is an upcoming horror movie with religious context. This film dares to pit God as the bad guy, who has lost his faith in humanity for the second time, and once more, is ready to wipe humanity out and start over. Holding a large amount of importance, potentially some sort of coming of Christ, is an unborn child which an archangel with an assigned mission of genocide turns rogue and decides to protect against his cohorts.

To me, this movie seems like it will be three things. 1) An excellent premise. An idea that I'm sure, on paper, looks like it could cause some sort of cultural impact and change. 2) It's on the fence for me about the delivery. A lot of things look excellent on paper, but parts of the trailer make me question the directing choice. Personally, it doesn't feel gritty enough. All of the pointed teeth and special lighting just seems moot in comparison to the story being told. 3) Entertainment for horror movie lovers. The absurdities of a grandma being possessed and ripping people's throats out almost seems like enough to draw me to the theater, or at least to renting this film when it hits DVD. So if you're a horror movie fan, I say be prepared to check this film out, but I don't think it's going to cross any genre barriers and bring in a mainstream following, making it the next big thing.

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