Aug 11, 2009

Movie Review: Be Kind Rewind

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Be Kind Rewind... a movie inside a movie? When Jerry (Jack Black) becomes magnetized from a electrical mishap, he ends up erasing all the VHS tapes in the video rental store called Be Kind Rewind. This all happens when Mr. Fletcher (Danny Glover) the store's owner goes out on vacation. Mike (Mos Def) is left in charge of the store while Mr. Fletcher is out, and goes into panic mode when he discovers Jerry's accident. People start noticing all the tapes are blank and demand a copy of the movie or they will tell Mr. Fletcher. Mike ends up looking everywhere for a copy of Ghostbusters and has no luck at all, so they decide to make their own copy of Ghostbusters. People end up liking it and demand all their movies become what they call "Sweded."

Highlights: The remake of Ghostbusters was my favorite part of the movies, it was very epic. Also all the other remakes of movies were very fun to watch. The characters were very entertaining and fit the story well. Plus this whole movie is a college film student's dream.

Down Points: The ending was not entertaining at all and brought the movie to an end on a low point.

Final Say: Go down to the video store or put it on the que because this movie is a great rent. The ending needed work, but for the most part the movie was very entertaining. It had me laughing hard at a couple of parts of the movie and all the characters are all very interesting and fun to watch.

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