Aug 4, 2009

Movie Review: Man on Wire

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Take a look at the highest tightrope journey, how it became, who was behind it, how it was done, and how it ended. Philippe Petit was from France and began in a dentist office. He was looking at the pile of magazines in the waiting room when he discovered an article about the construction of the World Trade Centers. From that moment he had a dream, and that was to walk across the World Trade Centers on a tightrope.

This whole operation took months of planning. This documentary has the story right from the people that were there and know the story best. At times this documentary gets very intense, especially when they are trying to get on top of the World Trade Centers and almost run into guards numerous times. At times you don't think they are actually going to make it, but obviously they did because of the movie poster.

I recommend this movie to all of you that are looking for a great documentary to watch. It keeps you entertained throughout the entire movie and doesn't leave you bored at any time. I can't complain about this documentary at all, so I leave you with this short review. What else is great about this movie is that if you have Netflix, you can watch it straight from the instant watch.

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