Aug 20, 2009

PlaySLIMtion 3 = $300

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Playstation 3: Slim
. The console. The myth. The legend. This is what you've all been waiting for. While your need-to-be-current friends bought the bulky and buggy $400-600 PS3 in the first year or so it came out, you bided your time, gnawed on your sofa and kept that crazy, deranged look in your eye whenever a commercial for a new PS3 game came out. While there's never any promises that something won't be buggy when it first hits the market, I'm going to take my chances.

According to, the September 1, 2009, upcoming PS3 Slim will have all the features that the other versions do, including Blu-Ray, DVD, music CD, PS3 video game playing capabilities. It will have a whopping 120 GB. All of this, and 33 % smaller, and 36% lighter than the previous version. And of course, like most consoles, you'll get one game paddle, and all the wire-hookups to make it actually visible and powered and such.

So since you'll be under budget from this price drop, here are some games and accessories you might want to pick up. (All game titles clickable for reviews from Gamespot.)

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