Aug 29, 2009


Being a big College Humor fan, I had to check out their brand new show on MTV called Pranked. Let me warn you though, that there are no College Humor videos on this show and it's just a collection of web videos.

So are we ready for another web video T.V. show? We have Tosh.0 and Web Soup on the air these days. Also a ton of shows just like it that have been canceled.

Streeter and Admir host this show Pranked, which is perfect, because these two guys are the best at it. These two are known for their own series called Prank Wars on College Humor. The two have some alright commentary about each video, but the show isn't all about them.

So we get to see some great pranks and some really lame pranks on this show.

Great: Tell your friend that they should pee on the middle of a frozen lake. Then tell them they should tie a rope around their foot, just in case the ice breaks. He starts peeing and his "friends" start pulling on the rope, so hes peeing and getting dragged in his puddle at the same time.

Lame: Angering someone's dad with a rubber band around the kichen sprayer, and anything involving fart spray.

There are more lame ones than great ones. So I'm thinking they should put an end to this show and put the College Humor show back on air!

If you want to check out some clips from the show go here.

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