Aug 5, 2009

Resident Evil IV Film News

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Darn, I wish I had Blu-Ray

On an interesting interview by Bloody Disgusting with actress Milla Jovovich, the upcoming Resident Evil IV movie will be sure to knock your socks off! Jovovich implies that the fourth installment will pick up very shortly after the ending to the third movie, which means one large focal point - Alice clones! Expect to see 90% of the film consisting of Milla Jovovich(s) kicking large amounts of zombie, or maybe human, heck, even maybe robot butt.

Hoping to follow up with the rising fad, the film will also be released in a 3D format! Zombies, blood splatter, naked Milla Jovovich coming right at you! I'd pay. I'd pay big to see that. To experience that! Jovovich promotes the 3D production as using all the most advanced and top notch equipment, and her husband, who will be directing and in charge of the 3D department is apparently taking the format very seriously, studiously watching any and every 3D movie he can get his hands on to ensure the full effect, and see what works and what doesn't.

On the topic of a fifth installment of the series, Jovovich closes out the interview stating that so long as the fans keep showing their support, writing their letters, saying their prayers, and shelling out the cash, she sees no need to end the franchise. In fact, this movie like the rest of the films in the series will very likely have a strong, fulfilling, yet at the same time ultimately intriguing near-cliff hanger of an ending to keep the door open for any continuation.

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