Aug 24, 2009

Rock Guitar

Well here we are almost in fall and that means we are going to have Rock Band: The Beatles, Lego Rock Band, Guitar Hero 5, Guitar Hero: Van Halen, and Band Hero. All of these music games are set to come out, but they are still missing some people from their playlist. (I won't mention Led Zeppelin, because we all know they have refused for their music to be played)

Misfits: Who hasn't seen the logo to the Misfits on some punk teenager?

The Yardbirds: Jimmy Page is very against the idea of these games, sadly he would probably put a stop to the Yardbirds as the guitarist.

Whitesnake and Cinderella
(Maybe Great White too): We have Ratt, Skid Row and The Scorpions... no Whitesnake and Cinderella?

No Yes at all? Even Owner Of A Lonely Heart? Come on, we need Roundabout!

Lita Ford: I'm not sure if she isn't allowing them to use her music, because there is an achievement in Guitar Hero 2 called Lita Ford. She is a guest voice star in the upcoming Brutal Legend game though.

Elvis: The King himself, maybe he's not down with the game too.

Genesis (Maybe): A lot of keyboard songs, but Land of Confusion would be awesome.

Moody Blues: Hopefully from their live album, why do they sound so much better live?

Pink Floyd: The song Money especially!

Simon & Garfunkel: Ok I can answer this one... no Drums! Still would be cool to play on guitar.

Simple Minds: Don't you forget about me! Alright I'll stop the list now.

There are probably way more out there that I missed. Don't get me wrong, Rock Band and Guitar Hero are doing amazing jobs getting all this music. Hopefully they will see this list and add these bands too.


  1. White Snake's Still of the Night is on Guitar Hero 5.

  2. Are you sure? I'm looking at the Wiki article of the Guitar Hero 5 soundtrack and I'm not seeing anything. I do know Rock Revolution does have Still of the Night in it's soundtrack.