Aug 19, 2009

Video Games = Education

Remember when we talked about the Swine Flu here on Organized Remains? Well I think we almost forgot about the Swine Flu, until I came across the Swine Flu VIDEO GAME!!! This game isn't a bunch of pigs running around while you're flying from place to place like Jackie Chan doing some karate moves called "Swine Foo." This game is actually educational, where you have to stop the spreading of the Swine Flu. You can take such measures from canceling schools, to ordering more vaccines.

This game had a lot of thought put into it and deserves the credit. This makes you think of other illnesses out there that deserve a video game (You can think of this on your own). It also makes you think of the people that are against video games. You know: ditsy moms, old folks, congress, some guy named Jack, and people who have a lot of time on their hands and protest. So does this mean that these people are against the protection from the Swine Flu? Is it possible that these people are actually not people and just... THE SWINE??? So all this time Jack has been preparing an outrage protest against video games, when he decides to give everyone the Swine Flu because he is in fact the SWINE! Ok maybe these people aren't that smart to come up with a plan that genius. For proof of that... well they are against video games. In which where would I be without them? Probably out on the street catching the Swine Flu. So remember the next time your mom tells you to get off the games, that she probably has the Swine Flu.

Want to spread the illness? Here is the game you're looking for.

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