Aug 21, 2009

The Wolfman

I've been waiting for a movie such as this, though honestly, I'm on the fence about it. We've had our zombie revival in such movies as Resident Evil, 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead, etc. We've had our vampire fad resurrection, thanks to Twilight. Werewolves got some appreciation in the Underworld series, as well as Cursed, Skinwalkers and Van Helsing, but I don't believe it really caught on in popular culture since it's Teen Wolf peak. It seemed obvious however that this was the next logical step for film makers.

Even though I've been waiting for Werewolves to catch on, just so things can feel complete in the universe, I'm on the fence about this film. The Werewolf genre definitely needs something unique to make it stand out amongst the rest, and this movie may very well end up nothing more than a typical action movie. At first, due to the shadows, the dark settings, the nature of things, I thought this would be a horror movie. As the trailer continued, it became evident that this was not a horror movie, it was a dark, dark action movie. You're not meant to be afraid, you're meant to cheer when the main character turns and starts tearing people apart. That seems like a simple enough formula, but it only got Hulk and The Incredible Hulk (the Eric Bana and Ed Norton films) so far. This formula worked back in the late seventies with The Incredible Hulk TV series, but things just don't seem to want to work with that same formula anymore. People can relate to having a monster inside of them that they'd love to let loose, but you have to connect the human character to the audience instead of just showing them building walls being knocked down, cars being thrown about and fire hydrants being torn open.

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