Sep 10, 2009

Clearance Bin Video Game Review: Sudoku Ball Detective

Title: Sudoku Ball Detective
System: Nintendo DS
Rating: E
Paid: Not yet a clearance item, but I will tell you how much you should spend on this game.

Review: As I stated in my review of Time Hollow I'm a big fan of games that have a great story to them. I saw that Sudoku Ball Detective just came out not to long ago and thought a puzzle game with a story could be good. I gave it a rent to check it out.

You should probably learn how to do sudoku puzzles before picking up this game. This whole game is about sudoku puzzles. Well except for the story. You play as a detective who was at a party enjoying himself until one of the guests at the party complained about a bee sting and then falls to the floor and dies. You are put on the case of who did it.

There are different ways of playing sudoku in this game. First of all there is the sudoku ball, to gather clues you have to solve the boxes with big ? in them. Spinning the ball will reveal more boxes with ? in them. Once you've gathered all the clues, you will be brought to a lab to inspect the clues you found. In this lab you have to solve a regular 9X9 sudoku. Every time the test tube to the right empties, some of your numbers will disappear and you will have to figure them out again. There will come times where you have to break into buildings. To do this you have to quickly figure out the combination, by figuring out the middle number of a sudoku puzzle. You have to do this 7 times before you can unlock the door. The final one is a chase scene, which happens 3 times in the game. You have to quick figure out the boxes in the sudoku puzzle that have big red foot prints in them. On the top screen it will show where you are and where the person is. Once you catch up to them, mission accomplished.

Now that we got through that, let me talk about what I thought of the game. It took me about 3 hours to beat and I was about to go crazy with all the sudoku puzzles I was doing. Luckily this game wasn't any longer, because when I got to the 2nd hour, I was ready to shut the game off, but I kept playing just to see the ending. The DS is known for amazing story games, but this game cannot be compared to them. The story is not that great, just a regular story, it doesn't keep you sucked in.

Final Say: This is a rent unless you are so much in love with sudoku puzzles, you wish you could actually marry and have children with them. There is replay value to this game, with just sudoku puzzles and sudoku balls to complete. I couldn't get to any of them, because I couldn't take another puzzle. Amazingly this game had an amazing ability to know what you were writing. My handwriting is awful and this game could understand what I was writing. There lucky for that, because if it was like Brain age, I would have only lasted an hour of playing this game.

Buying price: Rent or wait till it's $5 to $10 in a clearance bin.

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