Sep 6, 2009

Clearance Bin Video Game Review: Wayne's World

Title: Wayne's World
System: Super Nintendo

Script: Welcome to the Organized Clearance Bin Video Game Review. Today we look Wayne’s World for the Super Nintendo. Wayne’s World will cost you $5.

You start out being introduced to the T.V. program Wayne’s World. Wayne and Garth talk about the top ten worst games they played at the arcade. They get to number one and turns out they got sucked into the game. Garth gets kidnapped and you have to be the Mario to his Princess Peach.

Use Wayne’s guitar as a weapon that blasts… something that’s blue. The enemies in this game range from Bag pipes, tea cups and a giant hockey player. The enemies in this game mock you as you can’t shoot downward and basically can’t shoot while jumping. The controls to this game are pretty good, it’s just the layout of the levels that are bad. You can’t see where you’re jumping to. That usually leads to guarantees a lot of “Not!” The music is annoying after hearing it for a couple of seconds, but this move is excellent.

Usually in games the easiest levels are in the beginning, but the final boss battle level was easier than the first level. Speaking of the final boss… why? Garth is trapped in some gelatinous cube of Jell-O. So this cube, can look at you, shoot arrows at you, and punch you. So you end up beating this boss and that brings you to the final cut scene. That goes on and on and makes you want to go to the DMV.

Final Say: So Wayne’s World what does it offer? Great catch phrases and pretty good graphics for the time, but if you want to see great catch phrases and awesome graphics, check out the movie! So worth $5 bucks? I would say yes… Not!

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