Sep 28, 2009

Marilyn Manson Catches Swine Flu

image from Marilyn Manson's myspace gallery

According to Rolling Stone, famous shock-rocker Marilyn Manson has been diagnosed with H1N1 AKA The Swine Flu. Keeping things suitable for work, we cant tell you the whole story, but we can use some word replacement to let you get the jist of his message. The following [censored] message was posted by Manson on his facebook page: “So I have officially been diagnosed, by a real doctor, with THE SWINE FLU. I know everyone will suggest that ~SNU-SNU~ a pig is how this disease was obtained. However, the doctor said my past choices in women have in no way contributed to me acquiring this mysterious sickness. Unfortunately, I am going to survive.”

Ever the emo drama-king, but we're glad that he'll continue to stick around and produce more rocking metal music. Manson is practically original sin, and it wouldn't surprise me if he literally caught The Swine Flu, bottled it, and injected it into his own blood stream so he could infect others. Manson = the muse of Dethklok. Prove me wrong.

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