Sep 13, 2009

Paranormal Activity - Blair Witch for 2009

Remember how Rocky Balboa wasn't originally even in the boxing league at the beginning of his film franchise, but was immediately thrown into the center stage to sink or swim with the big dogs? Well we have a pretty good embodiment of that now. You've probably never heard of the incredibly low budget horror film, Paranormal Activity, but according to, it's been out since 2007, and Paramount is just now deciding to bring it to theaters September 25. Much like The Blair Witch Project, this is all done dirt cheap, and is based on true events. Well just off of the strength of the trailer, I'd say this movie has some legs to stand with it's competition on the 25th - sci-fi space horror Pandorum, Bruce Willis robot v. cop Sci-Fi thriller Surrogates, High School The Musical drama for adults Fame, and maybe a few others depending on where you live.

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