Sep 16, 2009

Plump Fiction Review

Being a giant fan of the movie Pulp Fiction I saw Plump Fiction on the TV Guide and thought to check it out. Obviously a parody of the movie Pulp Fiction, but also brings a little of the movie Reservoir Dogs into the mix.

There are a lot of great parody movies out there (Naked Gun, Austin Powers, ect.), but Plump Fiction doesn't make the cut of classic parody movie. I understood all the parts they were making fun of from Pulp Fiction (having seen it a lot), but it was just not funny. The scene in Pulp Fiction when Vince and Jules are talking about foot massages got turned into them talking about waxing the upper lip of a woman.

The funniest part of the movie, was probably when they revealed what was in the glowing orange briefcase. Most people will probably not make it this far in the movie and will turn it off. Also the way they explained why the movie skipped to different places in time was funny.

Final Say: An 82 min movie making fun of an all time great movie, doesn't mean it will be great. I say skip over this movie or catch it on TV if anything. Don't even bother putting it on your Netflix Que, unless you're a Pulp Fiction fan like myself and must see everything Pulp Fiction related.

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