Sep 8, 2009

PS3 Slim Selling Like Hotcakes

News is a word typically meant to inform you about something you didn't know, so maybe this isn't news in it's strictest sense, but more of a confirmation of beliefs and theories. According to VGC Chartz, in it's first week on sale, the PS3 has already sold half a million pieces. Because of this huge boost, the former loser of the new generation console war is now placing first over the X-Box 360 and Nintendo Wii.

While it's current status on top is impressive, its going to need some great reviews to ride on the coat tails of this new model's success. It could very well be just a bunch of overly excited, itchy trigger finger consumers who ran out and bought this the first week it hit shelves, but if to reach everyone else, it has to be proven to not be a piece of junk. What Sony's going to need in order to make the PS3 Slim this Christmas' version of the Wii, is a line-up of great debuting games, no bugs, and bundle packs close to holidays.

While I formed a list of great games out for the PS3 already, which you can find here, here is a list of PS3 games coming out between now and Christmas that I'm guessing, if promoted and reviewed well enough, could be the bungee cord that keeps the PS3 bouncing right back up despite any dips along the way:

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