Sep 18, 2009

Thoughts on Ghostbusters the Video Game

Who you gonna call? How many reviews of this game do you think opened with this? Well add one more to the list.

Being a fan of the movies of course, I had to try out the Ghostbusters game. I remember there being a Ghostbusters game for the NES that was awful, but that was back when the movie recently came out. Now we have almost 20 years of space between the movie and video game.

We all know that video games based off movies are usually terrible (Men and Black 2, Wolverine's revenge and many others), but Ghostbusters did an amazing job on this game. I could talk about the awesome gameplay and fun weapons to use, but I'm going to talk about the part of the game that had me the most amazed. That would be the story to the game and the fact they got all the original voices to be the voice actors. The story isn't just a recap of the movies, it's brand new story lines just for the game.

This game has a great story, great voice acting, great weapons, fun levels, and lots of destruction. It has it all and I say you must go out and buy, or rent this game. Even if you haven't seen the movie, you will be pleased with the game.

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