Sep 21, 2009

Thoughts on Punch Out for the Wii

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Here we have the classic game of Punch Out, an all brand new boxing game and with motion controls. You play as Little Mac and you're working your way to the top. To punch you use use the Wiimote and thrust it forward, and same with the nunchuck. To dodge other player's punches, you dodge using the analog stick on the nunchuck. The players are wacky, fun to play against, and each have their own gimmick.

I found this game to be really fun to play, especially the multi-player. One thing I do advise though, is to stretch your arms before playing. I'm not used to throwing punches, being the nerd I am, so my arms ended up being pretty swore the next day.

Final Say: Go out and buy if you're into boxing. If you're not into boxing, I still say give it a rent (like I did). I'm not a big boxing fan as well, but I found this game to be a nice surprise and found it very fun to play. I enjoyed this way more than the Wii Sports boxing, but I won't be purchasing this till the price drops much lower than $50. Mainly because the multi-player is a blast.

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