Oct 2, 2009

Clearance Bin Video Game Review: TMNT

Title: TMNT
Rating: E
System: Xbox 360 (Also available on other consoles)

Script: Welcome to the Organizedremains.com Clearance bin video game review. TMNT or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the Xbox 360 is the game we’re looking at today. This game will cost you $5 to buy.

Ok was that counter really necessary? I would have to say no. I start out in tutorial land and I’m having fun jumping around. Sadly the fun goes down a slippery slope, because you get bored of just jumping around.

As you go through, you start playing as different turtles, which is cool and you can even get help from another turtle that you're not playing as. After jumping around from object to object, and hearing a turtle talk every time you collect a coin, you start to cringe and glance over at the clock to see how much time you’ve spent on this game.

Like all other TMNT game, there is plenty of fighting, but the fighting in the game is awful. There are no enemies for a while, and then out of no where, you will start to fight a big group. The fighting is repetitive and boring.

There is a plus to this game for the achievement people. The achievements in this game are very simple, and should only take you about 3 hours to collect them all. Speaking of 3 hours, that’s how long it will take you to beat this game, and that is not even worth your time.

Final Say:
This is the first game I've ever experienced a tutorial funner than the actual game. So is $5 worth it? Well it is to the people that want the achievements, but for everyone else, do you really want to hear… over and over?

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