Oct 3, 2009

FlashForward Review

Thursday nights have become the night for heavy hitting, ratings drawing, big network shows and FlashForward is a new show that definitely deserves attention. It is currently only a few episodes into it's first season, so you can catch up on Hulu.com right away in time to catch the next episode, which comes on Thursdays on ABC, 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

The show is based upon the 1999 novel by the same name, and revolves around one singular incident. One day, people are going about their busy lives - doctors are performing surgery, cops are busting bad guys, and the hopeless are committing suicide, when suddenly, for just a mere two and a half minutes, everyone on the planet blacks out. In their blackouts, everyone's conscious jumps forward six months, to the same exact date. So the show primarily follows FBI agents Mark and Demetri in their hunt for answers - what caused the blackouts, why six months forward, who knows what?

The first episode is simply mind blowing and looks like a full-length Roland Emmerich film. It's downright terrifying to display how much disaster and carnage can occur in a world with billions of people blacked out for just two minutes. Cars, planes, helicopters all crash. Everyone deserves to give at least the first episode a chance, because it's definitely 5 *'s worthy.

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