Oct 9, 2009

Game Thoughts: Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

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Professor Layton and Luke are back with a new mystery to solve. Professor Layton’s teacher gets his hand on a box that ends him up in trouble. So Layton and Luke set out to discover this box and find out about the curse behind it. The game shows amazing animated cut scenes right on your DS, that help develop the story so nicely.

“Puzzles” is a great way to describe this game. Word puzzles, number puzzles, mazes, and many more types of puzzles. Things you should have before playing this game: Brainpower… or a walkthrough. So we know the people that are looking for a FPS game is gone. I can now say that the puzzles in this game make you think, but its fun! It’s not like sitting in a classroom, where the teacher shows about ten slides in a 3 hour class, and talks about each slide for about 20 minutes.

Final Say:
There isn’t much to say except I had a blast spending 9 hours on over 100 puzzles. I loved following the story and the characters. I had a lot of fun and was glad to see a "To Be Continued" after the credits. This is a must buy for the DS story/puzzle lovers. Not so much for the people not looking for a puzzle game.

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