Oct 18, 2009


2,200 video games sound like a lot? If you have answered no, you might be the postal worker that stole 2,200 video games from GameFly envelopes. Just like the Netflix thief they took a lot. Stealing one or two probably would have neverbeen caught, but 2,200? I know when I ship my Gamefly games out it goes to the Philly Gamefly, but never had a problem with shipping. So maybe this guy has been off these days.

This man is facing 12 to 18 months in prison, for stealing $86,000 worth of video games. At least he didn't steal 25 MP3 songs... right? Smart man for staying out of the music business and going straight to the video game business.

I'd love 2,200 video games, but I could never do this, mainly because of the cases. I can't have games on disks without cases. Cartridges I can deal with no case, but disks! My nerd self is crying outloud. Did this man really play all of the games though? Maybe he was selling them for a profit, or maybe he couldn't afford any video games. Too bad he never saw the Clearance Bin Video Game Reviews, then he could have known what great deals he could have gotten legally for cheap.

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