Oct 13, 2009

My Name Is Bruce Review

A bunch of mischievous gothic kids unleash an ancient Chinese evil, in the form of the God of war... and Tofu. Bruce Campbell, star of the Evil Dead trilogy among other B-list, low budget horror films, plays a ultra-poverty stricken caricature of himself. Campbell is kidnapped by the ailing victimized town, believing he's the dynamic action hero he portrays in his films, and can save them all from death and destruction.

Goosebumps meets UHF. Non-Asian Asians, Inexplicable French handymen, random blue-grass songs, awful acting, but hilarious, charismatic, hair-died Bruce Campbell. It's awful, it's funny, it's awfully funny. The writers especially know their audience is nerds, making jokes about Amazon and the internet.

My Highlights:
Bruce Campbell picking a weapon in a gun shop, and being offered huge customized chainsaw. But anything that comes out of Campbell's mouth in this movie is the highlight, because he's constantly ridiculing the film making process and Hollywood, as well as his own career.

Overall Rating:
Enjoyable for what it was, but in the grand spectrum of things, it's a 2 1/2 *'s. I was entertained, but at the same time asking "Why am I watching this crap?" Well, it was meant to be crap. It's satire. But still, crap is crap. So that balances out to it being mediocre.

When You Should See It:
If you know who Bruce Campbell is - seen any of his Evil Dead movies, seen Burn Notice, or are basically a movie nerd, you'll get some enjoyment out of this film and Bruce Campbell's ridiculous antics. So go give this a rent, or watch it on Netflix: Instant Watch like I did. But go-out-and-buy, or give a chance if you're not the target audience, this is not for you.

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