Oct 4, 2009

Season DVD

Malcolm in the Middle was a classic sitcom that came out in 2000. Everyone liked it that I knew of, so I have a question! What's up with the season DVDs!? They have season DVDs of season 1 and 2. There are 7 seasons! We are missing 5 seasons! The kid that played Dewey is 18 and wants to show his life growing up!

Now that I'm on the subject, why no season DVDs of Rocko's Modern Life? The only thing that comes close is a greatest hits DVD. We want all the episodes not just a select few! Ren and Stimpy, Doug, and Rugrats all have the first seasons out on DVD, why not Rocko's Modern Life?

The argument might be, "Maybe people are not interested in these shows anymore and the DVD sales wouldn't be great." Below is a picture of TV Guide's online listing for Malcolm in the middle. That listing is only for a Tuesday, which shows 8 different showings of 8 different reruns on two T.V. stations. Maybe the only argument now is "It plays on T.V. so much, you don't need to buy the seasons on DVD." Well unless you don't want to watch commercials and be able to control which episodes you watch.

Well there was my little rant about season DVDs. I could go out with a sign and protest outside of Fox Studio, and Nickelodeon, but I won't waste my time. Instead I will complain on my blog.

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