Oct 19, 2009

Shane McMahon Resigns From Family Wrestling Empire

Famous professional wrestling organization, World Wrestling Entertainment, formally known as World Wrestling Federation, World Wide Wrestling Federation, and Capitol Wrestling Corporation has always been a family run business. In the CWC days, between the 1920's to 1950's, it was run by big time boxing promoter, Jess McMahon. Jess McMahon handed the business down to his side, Vincent J. McMahon in the 1950's, who turned CWC into World Wide Wrestling Fedaration, an off-shoot of the National Wrestling Alliance. In the early 1980's, Vincent J. McMahon retired and sold WWWF to his son, Vincent K. McMahon, who changed the entire landscape of professional wrestling. Thanks to Vince McMahon Jr. (the better known, still making television appearances McMahon) professional wrestling became more-so about the entertainment, gimmicks, stories and angles than about the in-ring wrestling product. Vince McMahon's biggest contribution to the industry was WrestleMania, which put wrestling into homes across the globe, and also into those homes came a fast-rising icon, Hulk Hogan.

Vince McMahon took a wife, Linda, and birthed two children - Shane and Stephanie McMahon. When WWF became a publicly owned company (meaning anyone with stock has a say), everyone took office jobs - Vince as Chairman, Linda as CEO, Shane in Marketing and Stephanie in Creative. As Shane and Stephanie McMahon were being groomed for their positions, new icons in the late 90's were born, in Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Unfortunately for the industry, Austin had to retire in the early half of the new millennium, and at the same point, The Rock had decided to transition into the film industry. Shane and Stephanie McMahon were clearly impacted by the big wrestling boom of the late 90's however, and once settled into their respective roles, brought WWF into WWE, and groomed a new resurgence of popularity.

Shane McMahon traveled the globe, putting WWE wrestling television programming into nearly every imaginable nation. Shane McMahon is also credited for recognizing the Mixed Martial Arts boom and attempted to cross-promote with MMA company, PRIDE, but that plan fell through due to UFC buying the promotion. In the past decade, die-hard fans have noticed significant changes in the general style and production of their television programming, from continually advancing technology, innovative, fan-interacting on the internet, and On-Demand programming. Shane McMahon has contributed greatly to the family business, but has announced (off-screen, indicating this is no storyline) that he will resign from the family business to pursue other ventures. With the resume and credentials he possesses, only success can follow, and he'll be deeply missed and adorned by wrestling fans for his sacrifices, including death-defying leaps from huge heights.

(Song choice is not a representation of how we at Organized Remains feel about his career choice. The song is merely fitting for his wrestling matches.)

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