Oct 7, 2009

A Vacation

National Lampoon's Vacation is back! With a sequel... with Rusty. Ah the son of Clark Griswold. Will the son take over as crazy dad with a set of kids? This is a hard call, because to be honest Rusty is my least favorite out of the family.

Well where could they be traveling to? Across America, Vegas, Europe, or even at their house. It's all been done! Maybe they will be traveling to their local Wal-Mart... Get lost after the family loses their GPS and end up going to New York City! Wouldn't that be CRRRRRAZY!? Even more crazy! They end up inventing a new computer that makes it possible to actually go inside the internet. Oh it would be great! Pop ups, Google, checking E-mails, Myspace/Facebook, Wikipedia, and Youtube will make for great destinations! Now wouldn't that be even crazier!? I better shut up before they take one of these ideas and make it into a movie.

Alright want some proof? Here is your proof. So should we see this film and will it be straight to DVD (or even just VHS)? I think when we get some Trailer magic going on, we can make a decision on whether this movie is worth it. For me though, I will have to see it, being a fan of the series and even sitting through this. The new movie will have to be put on my list.

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