Oct 5, 2009

Video Game Thoughts: Persona 4

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Xbox 1 and Gamecube are dead. Dead, as in, no one is making new games for them. Playstation 2 is not dead, and that can either be good or bad. I rented the game Persona 4 for the PS2. It came out one year ago and was one of the few PS2 only games to come out. So is it good? Can PS2 still have great games? The answer to that question is yes! Persona 4 has an amazing story to it and is very fun to play.

An RPG about you and a group of friends, who learn about murders that are going to happen before it does. The story is the most satisfying part of the game. You get to know all the characters in the game, in-and-out. For people that don't like stories, you might want to stay away. You don't really get to play until 3 hours into the game. You get to walk a little, and save, but that's it for 3 hours. Usually I would complain about this, but the story was great and you got to learn about the characters in the game. So kudos on the story.

The actual game part is on par on with other great RPG games out there: Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, ect. You can use your weapon outside of the fights, so it's a lot like the system in Earthbound. You can see your enemies before entering battle mode, but if you want you can hit the enemy before entering the fight. If you manage to hit them before they hit you, then you have the advantage of getting the first hit.

Only complaint is that it's on the PS2. I love the PS2 don't get me wrong, but I would love to see this game with less loading time and to have HD graphics.

Final Say: Very long game, I haven't finished it, but I've read it can take 40 to 60 hours to beat. I've played through half the game and I'm having a blast. So for you RPG fans out there, you need to play Persona 4! Not an RPG fan? I guess you could skip over it, but you're missing out.

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