Aug 31, 2009

Clearance Bin Video Game Review: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am

Title: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am
Rating: M
System: Playstation 2

Welcome to the Clearance Bin Review. Today, we look at the video game Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am. This will cost you $5 used or $10 new. Being a fan of ATHF, I didn't even know a game of the show came out, but I did see the cover a long time ago. At the time I thought it was part of a photoshop challenge on some website. I didn’t actually know that it existed. Shawn told me to look into it and this is where we are.

So a golf game? Not just any golf game… a killing golf game. Don’t understand? Let me explain. You set up the ball and hit it like every other game. Then you have to run to the ball as the characters from Aqua Teen while fighting off enemies trying to stop you.

I started at the tutorial and was driving balls into windows. This was pretty fun, and I thought maybe this game won't be as bad as I heard. I proceeded to the next level and I’m at a golf course… sigh… it would have been awesome to stay in the neighborhood, but hey it’s golf. So I took a swing, and when I had to chase after my ball I found out that I was very wrong about the level of fun this game will be. The controls are awful, the noises in the game… the boss fights are terrible, and the humor... pretty funny. The humor is the best part of the game.

So if the humor is the best part of the game, then why don’t we just watch the show? I think the developers and creators thought of this. So they put some episodes of the show in the game so you can watch. So this is best part of the game… watching the TV show?

I’m not sure if the creators of this game knew about a game for the Atari 7800 called Ninja Golf. Zombie Ninja Pro-Am is basically that game in 3D with characters from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Final Say: I ended up only being able to last 40 minutes and had to turn off my PS2. I can’t recommend getting this game, but if you need to spend $5 to $10 on Aqua Teen, pick up a season of Aqua Teen.

Aug 30, 2009

Mario Kart: The (Fake) Film

Even though the actors involved weren't up to the standard set by Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo for a Super Mario Bros. movie, I'd watch it. Super Mario Bros. the movie was epic, and a reboot could only be awesome as well. Toad especially was awesome in this trailer. My only suggestion would be that they get The Wachowski Brothers (Matrix trilogy, V For Vendetta, Speed Racer) to sign on and really bring the cartoonish and outlandish to life in a revolutionary fashion.

Aug 29, 2009


Being a big College Humor fan, I had to check out their brand new show on MTV called Pranked. Let me warn you though, that there are no College Humor videos on this show and it's just a collection of web videos.

So are we ready for another web video T.V. show? We have Tosh.0 and Web Soup on the air these days. Also a ton of shows just like it that have been canceled.

Streeter and Admir host this show Pranked, which is perfect, because these two guys are the best at it. These two are known for their own series called Prank Wars on College Humor. The two have some alright commentary about each video, but the show isn't all about them.

So we get to see some great pranks and some really lame pranks on this show.

Great: Tell your friend that they should pee on the middle of a frozen lake. Then tell them they should tie a rope around their foot, just in case the ice breaks. He starts peeing and his "friends" start pulling on the rope, so hes peeing and getting dragged in his puddle at the same time.

Lame: Angering someone's dad with a rubber band around the kichen sprayer, and anything involving fart spray.

There are more lame ones than great ones. So I'm thinking they should put an end to this show and put the College Humor show back on air!

If you want to check out some clips from the show go here.

Aug 28, 2009

Daniel Stern's birthday

Today blog-followers, is August 28 which means only one thing! It's actor, Daniel Stern's birthday! Stern's done nothing to note in the last few years, but he'll always go down in my mind as one of the greater unsung actor-heroes of my childhood. Narrator of The Wonder Years, voice of Dilbert, Marv from Home Alone, star of Bushwhacked, and star/director of Rookie of the Year. So happy birthday Daniel, wherever you are now! I close out this short blog with a tributing youtube homage to your greatness. And to Dogbert.

Aug 27, 2009


We've all taken English in high school... well I hope we all have. There are different types of English teachers out there. You know there's the old woman, that doesn't understand technology and refuses to let you use Wikipedia, even though any other website is alright... probably even us at Organized Remains. There is also the new person, that will only last about a year and doesn't really know how to teach a subject.

Anyway, I had an English teacher that was an inspired writer. Probably one of the few teachers that actually published a book. This teacher happened to be my favorite English teacher I've ever had. Why is this? Well because one of the in-class assignments was to watch The Simpsons. You know, to understand what satire is? A+ for me!

So I have here Frostbite by Nathan Graziano (my old English teacher). By reading this I have figured out that my teacher probably has some smoking obsession.. Every character in this book has some smoking ability. Maybe he wanted this to be a reoccurring theme in the book? One thing about the whole book is that it's a bunch of short stories that take place in my home state of New Hampshire. I really did like the short stories, I really did, but my problem was that he built everything up and had no conclusion and would just end the short stories.

Is this a book review... on Organized Remains? I'll never tell! My point of this blog is that if you have a teacher that has written a book, buy it and read it in class in front of him or her. This grantees an A+! Also don't forget to get it autographed because now I have a book by someone I know, and no signature.

Aug 26, 2009

Clearance Bin Video Game Review: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Title: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
Rating: T
System: Xbox 360 and PS3

Script: Welcome to the Organized Clearance Bin Video Game Review of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. As of right now, this game isn’t in the clearance bin, but I will go over what would be a good buying price for this game, so if you ever do see it in the bin, you know what to do.

Story mode is of course what it says. There are two different stories to go by… Mortal Kombat or DC… why do they make me choose! We’ll go with Mortal Kombat for now, but don’t worry I will show the Joker in this review… promise! So this is the intro movie to the story of the Mortal Kombat side. It just explains… well I’m not really sure, but hey the guy from God of War makes an appearance! So you start out as Liu Kang and you end up fighting people. Like every Mortal Kombat out there! You start with fighting with Sub Zero. Boring! This isn’t the reason you want to play this game! Well ok maybe it is, but come on? We’ve been fighting other Mortal Kombat characters since the 90’s! We want DC Universe! Alright after you defeat Sub Zero, you end up fighting Scorpion… blah blah blah, you then get to fight The Flash! And the crowd goes wild. Alright enough with the story of Mortal Kombat! On to the DC story!

The DC story starts you out as the Flash fighting this guy. Then Cat Woman, then you threaten to kill and Batman does not like that one bit. So you end up fighting Batman. After you beat Batman this happens. My god, that was one of the coolest one liners I’ve ever heard. Alright enough with the stories that just explain why you’re fighting Mortal Kombat people or why you’re fighting DC people.

There is also an arcade mode, this must be good old fashion Mortal Kombat. Ah man I can’t wait to play as Smoke! Uh… Smoke? No Smoke? Fail! No Johnny Cage? But he’s like in the very first… never mind. So not a big character selection, but I guess I can’t complain due to the DC Universe. Oh wait! Yes I can! Why no Smoke, you evil game designers!?

Alright I won’t wait anymore… heres the man of the hour! THE JOKER! I’ll use him in this Combo Challenge, that I mentioned earlier. Yeah you can do the combos or you can just beat the crap out of Wonder Woman. Your choice.

Alright so the fighting in this game is fun to play. It’s not extremely difficult to perform moves. They got the variety of moves for each character. The fighting is just like any other fighting game like this.

Final Say:
So it comes to what it’s worth. I say it depends on if you like Mortal Kombat or fighting games like this in general. If you like it, you might want to look into this one now, which will cost you $25. If you’re not in any rush in playing this, then wait till it’s $10 or less.

Aug 25, 2009

Creepy Pervert Fired For Sexual Harassment. Blames Seinfeld.

image from Entertainment Weekly

According to the Des Moines Register, a man, let's call him Newman, working for the Brain Injury Association of Iowa was fired from his place of employment for sexual harassment, for 'merely playing off a joke from Seinfeld that everyone else was using as well'. To be specific, it was the old "saying 'You are so good looking!' in an atheistic response to a sneeze" gag. But the woman, let's call her Elaine, did not take kindly to this. So if everyone was alluding to Seinfeld in a trendy joke fad, why was Newman singled out?

It was because the firing had nothing to do with the Seinfeld joke. It was the subsequent series of emails going on in excess that Elaine was good looking. So I think everyone could see how this would be a little uncomfortable, and maybe understand why Elaine complained to management, which from here-on will be known as Jerry, who then warned Newman. Maybe even seems like a simple misunderstanding with Newman actually believing Elaine had an interest in him. But the story doesn't end there.

Newman's response "Alright, I can take a little Jerry if it gets me a whole lot of Elaine." Newman ignored Jerry's warning, and the fact that he made a fool out of himself, by giving the stereotypical creepy guy-unwanted hallway shoulder massage. Jerry warns Newman again that he's being a creep, and I may be reading between the lines here, but things may have sunk in for Newman, so he 'confronts' Elaine in a work related event. And when Newman gets fired, he cries 'Seinfeld!'.

This is worse than blaming violent media for real life vicious assaults and murders. And if I was in the woman's shoes, and that ogre pulled that with me,

Aug 24, 2009

Rock Guitar

Well here we are almost in fall and that means we are going to have Rock Band: The Beatles, Lego Rock Band, Guitar Hero 5, Guitar Hero: Van Halen, and Band Hero. All of these music games are set to come out, but they are still missing some people from their playlist. (I won't mention Led Zeppelin, because we all know they have refused for their music to be played)

Misfits: Who hasn't seen the logo to the Misfits on some punk teenager?

The Yardbirds: Jimmy Page is very against the idea of these games, sadly he would probably put a stop to the Yardbirds as the guitarist.

Whitesnake and Cinderella
(Maybe Great White too): We have Ratt, Skid Row and The Scorpions... no Whitesnake and Cinderella?

No Yes at all? Even Owner Of A Lonely Heart? Come on, we need Roundabout!

Lita Ford: I'm not sure if she isn't allowing them to use her music, because there is an achievement in Guitar Hero 2 called Lita Ford. She is a guest voice star in the upcoming Brutal Legend game though.

Elvis: The King himself, maybe he's not down with the game too.

Genesis (Maybe): A lot of keyboard songs, but Land of Confusion would be awesome.

Moody Blues: Hopefully from their live album, why do they sound so much better live?

Pink Floyd: The song Money especially!

Simon & Garfunkel: Ok I can answer this one... no Drums! Still would be cool to play on guitar.

Simple Minds: Don't you forget about me! Alright I'll stop the list now.

There are probably way more out there that I missed. Don't get me wrong, Rock Band and Guitar Hero are doing amazing jobs getting all this music. Hopefully they will see this list and add these bands too.

Aug 23, 2009

Venture Bros. Season 4 Trailer

For those who don't know Venture Bros, it's an adult swim cartoon basically parodying the heroism of the cartoons we grew up on. Johnny Quest, if anyone remembers that, especially has some connections. The basic premise is that Dr. Venture is a scrawny, bald, obnoxious scientist who should probably be using the genius that runs through his famous family's genes to save the world. While Venture has cookie-cutter formula arch nemesis, like The Monarch or Dr. Girlfriend, who's attempts to destroy or tick off Venture often go unnoticed, Venture is more often self-serving than doing anything to warrant any heroic valor. Venture is also not a fighter, and keeps himself and his family - two mischievous, adventurous, and somewhat opposite-personality sons, Dean and Hank, protected by a brutish, Swedish bred (no accent) killing machine-man named Brock Sampson.

To watch up to five whole episodes of the show, and literally, thirty-eight pages of clips, visit Adult Swim's website for The Venture Bros under videos.

Aug 22, 2009

Xbox Summer Arcade

For the past 5 weeks Xbox live has been releasing games for their summer lineup. The deal is: if you buy all 5 games, you get 800 points back! Meaning that’s one game free. So I bought all the games, and here’s what I thought.


The first game is Splosion Man. Being this little fire exploding man, you’re jumping around exploding everywhere. There’s blowing up scientists, wall jumping, exploding TNT, and much more. An amazing game and very fun to play. This will give you 5 solid hours of entertaining gameplay.

The second game is the remake Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time. There are people like me having a nostalgia trip over this one. Originally on the Super Nintendo, it’s redone with new graphics and voices. The voices I could do without, and why no switch to the original game? Like in the remake of Monkey Island? Never the less, it’s very fun to play with a group of people, and a blast from the past. You’ll be getting about an hour or two of gameplay here.

The third game is Marvel vs. Capcom 2, is a classic 2D fighting game. Not exactly my cup of tea, and by that, I mean, I don’t like most teas. You would already would know if you love this game, but by playing this game I know that if you’re into fighting games, you will absolutely love this game. With a big character selection, each character with their own set of moves, this game offers a lot.

The fourth game is Trial HD. Also a type of nostalgia trip for me. I remember when the developers were just starting out, enjoying the simple, 2D version of this game. I’m glad to see a brand new Trial on the Xbox 360. It’s a platform game with dirt bikes and very addictive to play. There are also a bunch of mini games for some competition between you and your friends. This game is a must, giving you 2 to 3 hours of gameplay, but a ton of replay value that's going to keep you coming back.

The fifth and final game is Shadow Complex. Combining a 3D shooter with a 2D platform. The game graphically looks amazing and the voice acting is great. With tons of upgrades to collect this game has a lot of replay value to it. I have nothing bad to say about this one too, it’s a must with 5 to 10 hours of gameplay.

Final Say:
There you have it, this summer lineup is a must have! Buy them quickly though, because the 800 points back only goes to the end of August. If you just found this video and it’s past August, don’t fret because these games are worth the points even without the discount.

Aug 21, 2009

The Wolfman

I've been waiting for a movie such as this, though honestly, I'm on the fence about it. We've had our zombie revival in such movies as Resident Evil, 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead, etc. We've had our vampire fad resurrection, thanks to Twilight. Werewolves got some appreciation in the Underworld series, as well as Cursed, Skinwalkers and Van Helsing, but I don't believe it really caught on in popular culture since it's Teen Wolf peak. It seemed obvious however that this was the next logical step for film makers.

Even though I've been waiting for Werewolves to catch on, just so things can feel complete in the universe, I'm on the fence about this film. The Werewolf genre definitely needs something unique to make it stand out amongst the rest, and this movie may very well end up nothing more than a typical action movie. At first, due to the shadows, the dark settings, the nature of things, I thought this would be a horror movie. As the trailer continued, it became evident that this was not a horror movie, it was a dark, dark action movie. You're not meant to be afraid, you're meant to cheer when the main character turns and starts tearing people apart. That seems like a simple enough formula, but it only got Hulk and The Incredible Hulk (the Eric Bana and Ed Norton films) so far. This formula worked back in the late seventies with The Incredible Hulk TV series, but things just don't seem to want to work with that same formula anymore. People can relate to having a monster inside of them that they'd love to let loose, but you have to connect the human character to the audience instead of just showing them building walls being knocked down, cars being thrown about and fire hydrants being torn open.

Aug 20, 2009

PlaySLIMtion 3 = $300

image from Amazon

Playstation 3: Slim
. The console. The myth. The legend. This is what you've all been waiting for. While your need-to-be-current friends bought the bulky and buggy $400-600 PS3 in the first year or so it came out, you bided your time, gnawed on your sofa and kept that crazy, deranged look in your eye whenever a commercial for a new PS3 game came out. While there's never any promises that something won't be buggy when it first hits the market, I'm going to take my chances.

According to, the September 1, 2009, upcoming PS3 Slim will have all the features that the other versions do, including Blu-Ray, DVD, music CD, PS3 video game playing capabilities. It will have a whopping 120 GB. All of this, and 33 % smaller, and 36% lighter than the previous version. And of course, like most consoles, you'll get one game paddle, and all the wire-hookups to make it actually visible and powered and such.

So since you'll be under budget from this price drop, here are some games and accessories you might want to pick up. (All game titles clickable for reviews from Gamespot.)

Aug 19, 2009

Video Games = Education

Remember when we talked about the Swine Flu here on Organized Remains? Well I think we almost forgot about the Swine Flu, until I came across the Swine Flu VIDEO GAME!!! This game isn't a bunch of pigs running around while you're flying from place to place like Jackie Chan doing some karate moves called "Swine Foo." This game is actually educational, where you have to stop the spreading of the Swine Flu. You can take such measures from canceling schools, to ordering more vaccines.

This game had a lot of thought put into it and deserves the credit. This makes you think of other illnesses out there that deserve a video game (You can think of this on your own). It also makes you think of the people that are against video games. You know: ditsy moms, old folks, congress, some guy named Jack, and people who have a lot of time on their hands and protest. So does this mean that these people are against the protection from the Swine Flu? Is it possible that these people are actually not people and just... THE SWINE??? So all this time Jack has been preparing an outrage protest against video games, when he decides to give everyone the Swine Flu because he is in fact the SWINE! Ok maybe these people aren't that smart to come up with a plan that genius. For proof of that... well they are against video games. In which where would I be without them? Probably out on the street catching the Swine Flu. So remember the next time your mom tells you to get off the games, that she probably has the Swine Flu.

Want to spread the illness? Here is the game you're looking for.

Aug 18, 2009

Clearance Bin Video Game Review: Crash of the Titans

Title: Crash of the Titans
Rating: E
System: About every system out

Script: Welcome to the Organized Remains Clearance Video Game Review of Crash of the Titans. You can find this game for $10 on Amazon and probably will see it in clearance bins at stores. Before you go out to find it, you better have a look at this review.
Heres the story, just a nice day with Crash Bandicoot and his family, when Cortex ruins everything: kidnaps Crash’s sister CoCo and let me say it again… ruins everything. Let’s talk about this new Crash Bandicoot. Tattoos? Speaks in a stupid gibberish!? Runs like an idiot!?

This is not Crash Bandicoot! I know Crash Bandicoot! I loved Crash Bandicoot! AND THIS IS NO CRASH BANDICOOT!

So this is where the adventure begins to stop Cortex. You can do all the basic jumping and punching… wait? Punching? What happened to the spinning in the original Crash Bandicoots!? He looks stupid when hes punching! While you still can do the spinning move, it’s not as powerful as the punch. So you will be forced to end up adopting the punch.

You also collect blue things called Mojo. Collect enough to make the circle at the top complete and Crash will learn a new ability or make a power up stronger. Also the health bar is different from the original games, but lets face it, that was like a decade ago and a different company that made Crash Bandicoot. This is the Crash Bandicoot of the new generation. Inked up and on crack.

The enemies you have to fight between are the scientist that sound like Professor Frink from the Simpsons, all the way to the cavemen-like people. It’s basically just a one punch kill. What makes this game the most different from any Crash bandicoot is the “Jacking” system. There are larger creatures in this game and if you daze and confuse them enough, you can take control over them. There are a couple of different creatures out there who each have their own abilities.

Final Say: This game is not the most awful game out there, but it's far from the best. The game is so repetitive that you will be bored of it within an hour or two. There are some different things during the game, to mix it up like the hover board levels. Also there is a ton of replay value to this game, if you do find yourself in love with it. For me though, I cannot recommend this game at $10, to rent it would be cheaper. That’s what I recommend if you have any interest in playing this game or try to find the game for $5 or less.

Aug 17, 2009


Legion is an upcoming horror movie with religious context. This film dares to pit God as the bad guy, who has lost his faith in humanity for the second time, and once more, is ready to wipe humanity out and start over. Holding a large amount of importance, potentially some sort of coming of Christ, is an unborn child which an archangel with an assigned mission of genocide turns rogue and decides to protect against his cohorts.

To me, this movie seems like it will be three things. 1) An excellent premise. An idea that I'm sure, on paper, looks like it could cause some sort of cultural impact and change. 2) It's on the fence for me about the delivery. A lot of things look excellent on paper, but parts of the trailer make me question the directing choice. Personally, it doesn't feel gritty enough. All of the pointed teeth and special lighting just seems moot in comparison to the story being told. 3) Entertainment for horror movie lovers. The absurdities of a grandma being possessed and ripping people's throats out almost seems like enough to draw me to the theater, or at least to renting this film when it hits DVD. So if you're a horror movie fan, I say be prepared to check this film out, but I don't think it's going to cross any genre barriers and bring in a mainstream following, making it the next big thing.

Aug 16, 2009

Bruno Review

Bruno is a gay Austrian fashion reporter who gets fired from his job and blackballed from anything else of importance in Austria. Bruno's primary assistant abandons him since he's no longer famous, but his assistant's assistant, Lutz stays a loyal follower. Together, the two head to America to reclaim stardom. But over the top gay antics don't fly as well in the good ol' US of A as they do in Austria.

The Standouts:
The writing and improv of Sasha Baron Cohen definitely stands out. The writing stands out because the satire of the average American's level of homophobia is utterly hilarious to watch. It's not just something where you watch someone on the screen be made a fool of, it's an experience that you come across. It's full of grotesque and racy shocking scenes that are supposed to make you grossed out. Even the typical homosexual would probably watch this movie and laugh at the sheer obscenities put on the screen. As for the improv, anyone who knows Cohen's work knows these kinds of mockumentaries that he makes work with a lot of unsuspecting real victims who don't know what's going on. So the improv really is great.

My Highlights:
So many it's hard to list. To give vague descriptions of the funniest scenes without giving anything away so you know to pay attention when it comes on the screen - Bruno and his first shown gay lover, the pilot screening for his new American TV show, Bruno attempting to contact his old dead lover, and any time Bruno was talking with a southern Bible Thumper.

Overall Rating:
4 *'s - it's not intelligent humor and there isn't a lot of depth to it. It's basically one joke told fifty thousand ways, and while the majority of the ways are funny, it sinks in little by little that you're being told the same joke. But you don't always want something you have to translate or work out in your head, especially in a comedy, so this is a really fantastic movie. Utterly hilarious, and there are parts you honestly might cry from due to uncontrollable laughter. And if you're surrounded by the right crowd at the right time, be it people you want to see offended, grossed out, or the right amount of both to find it as funny as you do, then it might even be worth 4.5 *'s.

When You Should See It:
I was kind of late to seeing it, so time is likely running out on viewing it in theaters. But in terms of rental, or catching it quickly before it leaves the cinema, no matter what, gather people around to watch it. It's a social experiment that you'll enjoy. No one should have to feel this kind of awkward shame alone, especially when you're ribs are hurting from laughing so much while you feel it. So that's the verdict - wait until you can gather at least one, but hopefully a minimum of two other people, then see it.

Aug 15, 2009

Gamer The Movie

Lets get this straight, it's a movie about a game. The game is called Slayers, and has teens as the players. They have control over prison inmates and if they survive a number of rounds, the inmates are set free. The inmates are put into a warzone where there is danger every which way and a lot of shootings. So to get out of jail... you must shoot and kill many people? Seems a little backwards to me, but hey! It's a game! I mean... It's a movie!

Sadly I think this movie will be a flop just because of the name. They better have good advertising for this movie, because so far I only have seen it advertised on Xbox Live. The stereotypical gamer would rather stay home playing video games. Sure, there are gamers out there like myself that love movies as well, but they better stretch the horizon on the ads so more people than "gamers" know about it. If not, you're looking at an empty theater.

Aug 14, 2009

The Walking Dead on TV

image from Amazon

According to Variety, and confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, Image Comics' graphic novel series The Walking Dead, which I just reviewed not four days ago here, has been picked up by television channel AMC to be made into a full series. AMC's Senior VP, Joel Stillerman has even gone on the record of saying that the show will stay true to the original content's tone. Notice the wording there - the tone, not necessarily a shot by shot, comic issue by comic issue telling. So fanboys calm down, I'd still expect some great entertaining and compelling TV to come out of this. Stillerman has also stated that:

"This is not about zombies popping out of closets," Stillerman said. "This is a story about survival, and the dynamics of what happens when a group is forced to survive under these circumstances. The world (in 'Walking Dead') is portrayed in a smart, sophisticated way."

And how right he is. AMC's most popular viewing times are actually in October during a horror movie marathon they play dubbed "Fear Fest". AMC is actually paying close attention to it's demographic audience and their interests.

AMC is currently breaking a lot of ground with it's compelling TV series such as Golden Globe, BAFTA and Emmy winning "Mad Men" and it's fellow Emmy winning "Breaking Bad". Whoever is in charge of picking shows on this network is definitely turning it into the next must-watch channel.

Attached to this project, which apparently was up for high auction between networks for quite a while, is writer Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, The Green Mile and The Mist), Gale Ann Hurd (wrote 3 of the 4 Terminators + Sarah Conner Cronicals, and produced all of them, plus, Hulk, Punisher, Punisher War Zone and The Incredible Hulk) and David Alpert (history unknown). With resumes like that, we could have ourselves the next Lost, with zombies being pumped like an IV into the veins of mainstream and ridding it of Vampires once more.

Aug 13, 2009

Clearance Bin Video Game Review: MadWorld

Title: MadWorld
Rating: M
System: Nintendo Wii


Welcome to the Clearance Bin Video Game Review of MadWorld for the Nintendo Wii. "Yay! A game for the Wii that’s violent," you’re thinking, right? Well you put yourself into a guy named Jack. Who is X-men’s Wolverine’s brother because this guy has a chainsaw that shoots out of his arm. The point of this game is to survive. You’re stuck in this T.V. show where everyone is stuck in this city and everyone is dying from some illness. The only way to get the antidote is to survive.

Lets talk about the one thing that will attract anyone to playing this game. Lets have some violence! As you punch and slice through guys, you will be able to do a finishing move on people. On the screen a Wii Remote will come up telling you which way to swing the WiiMote. Jack then kills the guy in really gory ways. If you couldn’t tell… this game is rated Mature.

Another way to bring violence is to pick up objects to murder people with. We have street signs, boxes, garbage bags, and way more. There are also places in the city to use to your advantage, like a wall with large spikes on them. You also can obtain weapons in this game for more killings. Killing people gives you points and you have to reach a point value to advance in the game, because there are people watching this for their entertainment, so make the killings more entertaining. Ok that’s enough with the whole violence part of the game.

Oh I forgot there are mini games in this game, like throwing people into a big jet spinner. Oh wait that is still very violent.

Alright Alright, Oh I know I can talk about the Black, White, Red, and a splash of yellow in the game. The game is just a giant comic book, which looks pretty cool and makes it different from most games.

Let me talk about the controls. The Wii Motion makes it feel just like you’re killing someone. The analog stick on the nun chuck needs some work. Also the camera is positioned badly and makes it hard to see around you at times.

I would get to talking about the Bosses, but I ran into a problem. Ya, they showed the intro to the boss I was about to fight, but there we go… the game freezes. Well crap… They must have an autosave thing right? Most games these days do, for if in case something like this happens. Well here I restarted the console and… Uh… Well it has my file on here, but it says playing time 0:00. Lets just double check… ah no no no, this is bad, oh what the crap! Don’t you hate when this happens? The question is to turn off the system or go through the boring tutorial again. I really don’t want to spend another 20 mins going through that again. So I looked at the reviews for the game to see if it was worth it to play through it again. It’s mentioned the whole game is basically the same, kill kill kill. So if I didn’t love the game through the start, it’s unlikely that I will like it later on.

Final Say: I have a feeling that MadWorld only got great reviews because it was violent and was on the Wii. Everyone is giving it great reviews and all they mention was Oh my Kermit the Frog, Violence! I think if it came out on the Xbox or PS3 it would have got worse reviews.

Paying around $15 for this game used I don’t recommend. So I say go rent or wait till you see it much cheaper, but I can’t really recommend it at the price it’s at right now, unless you’re looking for lots of violence on the Wii. Because if you’re looking for violence this game is perfect for you.

Aug 12, 2009

King Of Late Nite Removed From Throne

We the writers here at Organized Remains watch The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien religiously on NBC from 11:35-12:35, but even as fans we recognize when we're watching something dip and sink. Apparently so does the rest of the world, because for the first time since 1998, David Letterman's competing late night show has beat The Tonight Show for at least four consecutive weeks in the ratings war. NBC, who still supports Conan and are not dissatisfied with his ratings by any means, have gone far enough to call their initial moniker "New King of Late Night" for Conan premature. The following are much agreed upon renovations that need to be made to the show in order to climb back on top of the mountain:

1) Drop the Twitter Tracker. Yes, the dialog exchange with the voice-over guy is funny, as are the graphics, but for multiple reasons, this is all in vein. The joke has been made, and received - 99% of tweets, especially be celebrities are not worth the drawing power that they've brought to Twitter. However on the very first show this segment was on, I pointed out to my fellow-writer that even Conan was downplaying the point of it. And if the actor or writer or what-have-you tries to distance himself from his own piece, why should the viewer want to watch? And as for the positive parts of the segment - the arguments and crazy graphics, clearly you could just pull the same shtick with a more entertaining subject matter. Heck, just give Andy his own Twitter as a closure to the series of bits, then you can devote less time to it while still making a big deal over what Andy had for lunch, which would especially be ironic considering he could just tell Conan.

2) Revamp the joke matters in the monologue. It's one thing to try and hit upon hip and relevant topics, but it's come to a point where Spencer Pratt and Larry King are only still relevant because Conan keeps bringing them up. Move on to other celebrities! Make references to older celebrities for retro purposes even, and yes, that in itself is a set-up to the obligatory Larry King Is Old joke.

3) Improve The Sound Stage. So often Conan O'Brien will have some excellent musical performers, but their acts sound just terrible. NBC is nice enough to foot the bill for the lovely Super Mario Brothers back drop and other decorations, but can't do anything about the sound stage? Maybe it's some technical thing that I don't understand, like the building itself just couldn't have excellent quality sound. If that's the case, DO IT OUTSIDE! Universal Studios does outdoor concerts all the time, and Conan's proven with his daredevil stunt guests that they have access to the surrounding lot streets. If you're not going to put some real effort into your musical guest's performances, then don't have them. Stick with the comedians or something, but give up on the music acts.

4) Improv. Conan's best moments on his show have been his unscripted pieces where he talks to real people. Send Conan out on the street with one camera man, and just let him wander until he finds something that catches his eye. I don't care what the theme is, it's always the best. Conan's first walk-around skit is even acclaimed by the show itself, referencing back to it where Conan is walking down the street with a wig, a box fan, an obscene belt buckle and a crazy outfit. This is something that Conan excels in, and everyone in show biz should accentuate their positives to try to hide their negatives.

5) Cartoons. Picking up where my last comment leaves off, let Conan do what he made a career off of - voice overs and cartoon sketches. We live in a three dimensional world, but Conan's imagination reaches into a fourth dimension that only cartoons can achieve. For anyone who really needs proof, check out his collaboration with Jim Gaffigan - Pale Force. Conan already likes to do random sketches, so this wouldn't be hard to imagine, and I'm sure the live crowd would still get a kick out of it.

Honorable Mention: Celebrity Surveys. I love this. I don't know what makes it work, but every time it comes on, I freak out. Keep this up.

Aug 11, 2009

Movie Review: Be Kind Rewind

Source of Image

Be Kind Rewind... a movie inside a movie? When Jerry (Jack Black) becomes magnetized from a electrical mishap, he ends up erasing all the VHS tapes in the video rental store called Be Kind Rewind. This all happens when Mr. Fletcher (Danny Glover) the store's owner goes out on vacation. Mike (Mos Def) is left in charge of the store while Mr. Fletcher is out, and goes into panic mode when he discovers Jerry's accident. People start noticing all the tapes are blank and demand a copy of the movie or they will tell Mr. Fletcher. Mike ends up looking everywhere for a copy of Ghostbusters and has no luck at all, so they decide to make their own copy of Ghostbusters. People end up liking it and demand all their movies become what they call "Sweded."

Highlights: The remake of Ghostbusters was my favorite part of the movies, it was very epic. Also all the other remakes of movies were very fun to watch. The characters were very entertaining and fit the story well. Plus this whole movie is a college film student's dream.

Down Points: The ending was not entertaining at all and brought the movie to an end on a low point.

Final Say: Go down to the video store or put it on the que because this movie is a great rent. The ending needed work, but for the most part the movie was very entertaining. It had me laughing hard at a couple of parts of the movie and all the characters are all very interesting and fun to watch.

Aug 10, 2009

The Walking Dead, Vol 1 Review

Image taken from
cover art by Tony Moore

The Walking Dead: Volume 1 - Days Gone Bye is the tale of Officer Rick Grimes, a small-time policeman from Kentucky, who after taking a bullet on the line of duty awakes from a coma to find the world ravaged and mostly isolated from a zombie holocaust. Being a resourceful and intelligent man with combat skills to boot, Grimes manages to survive his escape from the hospital, which is a pretty big hot-spot for the flesh-eaters. The story follows Rick as he searches for other survivors and attempts to make sense of what's happened.

The art in this book (or at least mine, they might have other versions that are different) is in completely black and white. Everything is penned, so details revolve heavily on lines and shadows. While this really adds grit to the scenes, and is very well done, it might not be for everyone, just like a black and white movie. Then again, Sin City the movie did quite well and gained a large fan base, so many it depends on the context for the casual consumer.

While character development is tremendous in this book, and action at times can be really fingernail biting, other parts of this book bother me. This is actually a criticism I have with most zombie media - so many of the scenes and formats are recycled over and over. It can all become very desensitizing, but I really can't say enough about character development. If put into a different, more unique environment, I'd definitely buy into this comic a lot more.

Overall Rating: I live in a world of cover, and with every breath-taking, full-color cover of issues of this comic, I find that the black and white really hurts things. The story is incredibly strong, but can only raise the rating to 4 *'s. It's definitely worth taking a look at, as many people consider it to be one of the greatest comic series/graphic novel series of all time, but it's mainly interested me in seeing what the creators could do with a different comic.

Aug 9, 2009

Splitter 2

Splitter is back and better than ever! With new levels and a level creator for us all to enjoy. If you are looking for a good time waster, look no more.

Aug 8, 2009

Clearance Bin Video Game Review: Mirror's Edge

Title: Mirror's Edge
Rating: T
System: Xbox 360 (Also available for other systems)

Video Review:

Welcome to the Clearance Bin Video Game review of Mirror’s Edge. The game only costs $10 for the PC version and $20 for the console versions and that’s brand new. Finding used copies can cost you only 50% of that, but is it worth it?

The story is told through animated cut scenes, which I found to be appealing to the eye. The story puts you in the role as Faith, who they call a Runner. The government hates runners, and will go through anything to stop them. Faith finds out her sister has become a scapegoat to a murder she didn’t commit. The whole point of the game is the rescue your sister.

Mirror’s Edge is that something so similar, but so different type of game. Taking the First Person view of Faith, you become an Olympic athlete, who can do about anything. Climb fences, jump to far away places, climb up and down poles run up a wall and jump to another, bust threw doors, slide threw vents and fall to your death. Also don’t forget the government hates you and will be shooting at you while you’re doing this. Which this can also lead you to falling to your death. You also get to fight on the cops and you even take their gun and use it to your advantage.

The game also has replay value as you can do speed runs on all the chapters you have completed in the game. If you’ve noticed there are only 9 chapters in the game, this making it a short game. Taking only 5 too 7 hours to beat on normal.

Final Say: So is the game worth the $10? I would have to say yes! $10 is a great value for this game, it was getting repetitive near the end, just jumping to one place to another, but it offered a lot of gameplay I’ve never experience. This was a nice break from all the first person shooters out there. I say go out and buy this game or even rent it.

Aug 7, 2009

Call Me Invincible Concert Review

Just a few days ago I was lucky enough to attend a concert at the Meadowbrook US Cellular Pavilion in Gilford, NH. As part of the Call Me Invincible Tour, I witnessed performances by the femme fatals of rock and roll - The Donnas, Blondie, and Pat Benatar (in that order). I have absolutely nothing but positives to say about the three bands and their performances. If you own the greatest hits of any of the bands (and even The Donnas have a Greatest Hits now, which I own, and I recommend but don't do reviews for Best Of's/Greatest Hits) you'll hear at least half of the songs on the album. No one left the concert I attended unhappy. I'd like to give a perfect set list, but the music was loud, I was in the heat of the moment, and don't remember everything picturesque. I shall, however, do my best.

The show started at 7:00 with The Donnas coming out and playing for a half an hour, consisting of such hits as "Get Off", "Perfect Stranger", a few I can't remember, and closing out with their biggest single, "Take It Off". Unfortunately most of the fans in attendance didn't come as early as I did, so the place was only half full (and that's a generous estimation) so The Donnas didn't get the acclaim they deserved. They tried to bring what little crowd there was to life with some interaction to little avail, but they had the beautiful attitude of "I don't care if I'm playing in front of 20 people or 20,000 people". The guitarist Allison Robertson especially matched both of the headlining band's guitarists in sheer velocity. Without the use of any sort of stimulant or hallucinogens, I really feel like I watched Robertson melt the guitar into a matter beyond tangible and non-tangible, and weave and distort it into hypnotic yet chaotic, mind-numbing ROCK!

7:30/7:35, after the roadies come and swap out all of The Donnas' equipment for Blondie's. Blondie, sans singer, comes out and warms up a tad to a big ovation, then out comes Debbie Harry to a standing O while a huge Blondie backdrop rises behind them. Blondie would play for a solid hour and a half, breaking hearts with "Call Me", "One Way Or Another", "The Tide Is High" (which along with) "Maria" (I have a new-found love for), "Hanging On The Telephone, "Rapture", and "Atomic", with some others. The fans were so into Blondie that the entire place was shaking during the parts they could sing along with. And while I definitely loved the performance, I must say there were parts when Debbie Harry looked a little old on stage (which I suppose is natural at 62). It was still entertaining to see Harry pulling a rapping granny routine, juking and jiving on stage to Rapture. On the flip-side, when the fans were taking over, Harry had a new life breathed into her and looked at least thirty years younger. And every musician got at least one solo throughout the performance, which was a nice gesture. The fans were so wild after Blondie left, that they had to come back out and do a two-or-three set encore. I don't think I knew all of the songs, but I definitely recognized "Heart Of Glass" which owned, to say the least.

Then there was some boring, ten-fifteen minute Meadowbrook staff "entertainment" featuring the cash chamber where some woman was able to win a whopping $49. Then without gimmick or frills, out came Pat Benetar and co. to a crazy standing ovation. Benetar's troupe played for another hour and a half, featuring some crazy solos, but also some interesting side-stories from Benetar's husband/lead guitarist, Spyder. I don't remember if anybody else got any solos, but Spyder definitely proved why this band is still allowed to play for crowds young and old alike. Benetar's vocals were still amazing at her age, and the crowd was crazy during such hits as "We Belong", "Love Is A Battlefield", "Shadows Of The Night", "Promises In The Dark", "Hell Is For Children" and "Hit Me With Your Best Shot". The crowd wouldn't let themselves be jipped though, and I think Benatar knew this. A lot of cheering for an empty stage and seat-rattling later, Benetar and co., came back out to send the folks home happy with "Heartbreaker" and a few others.

While all the bands were completely stellar, I have to point out a few minor, non-band-problematic complaints. 1) How expensive is crap going to get at concert venues before someone creates a viable alternative/method to sneak in their own food/drink? Seriously, I paid $8 for a personal pan pizza! It was maybe 6" in diameter!

Secondly, have some common sense about when to stand and when to sit. I had a few gentlemen in front of me who wanted to stand throughout 90% of the show, which greatly blocked my view, but while I wasn't for their decision, I wasn't against it. They have 80 foot screens by the stage for a reason, and whenever I wanted to see what was going on, I could have stood up myself. Their standing was not making me deaf to the music all around me. It's a concert! Not a movie! But some concert-Nazi two rows behind us, who in no way due to the stadium-styled seating could have been effected, began childishly hurling debris and clothing at them, screaming at them to sit down. Gladly the gentlemen responded just as rudely with obscene gestures, and though threats of having the other group kicked out were hurled around, no action was taken by either side. Regardless, that irked me, and we had a less forward group to my left who did the same to people two rows in front of them, though through polite requests. As I see it, you pay your fee for the seat reserved and for entrance, and anything you do thereafter is up to you. If you don't want to take full advantage of the opportunity you paid for because it's not socially acceptable and what the rest of the crowd is doing, then that's your fault. I'm a follower and stayed seated until everyone else stood, but I still stand on the side of the standers.

An overall amazing concert. I suggest anyone who has the chance to see any of these bands, and if possible, see them together on this one month longer tour. Here are the rest of the available dates for the trio, with individual performance dates found at

Fri. August 7 Bethlehem, PA Bethlehem Musikfest
Sat. August 8 Boston, MA Bank of America Pavilion
Tue. August 11 Canandaigua, NY Constellation Brands Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center
Thu. August 13 Brooklyn, NY Asser Levy Park
Sat. August 15 Cincinnati, OH Riverbend Music Center
Mon. August 17 Highland Park, IL Ravinia Pavilion
Thu. August 20 Austin, TX Austin Music Hall
Sat. August 22 Biloxi, MS Beau Rivage Resort
Sun. August 23 Houston, TX The Arena Theater

Aug 6, 2009


Weird Al's newest song/music video came out called CNR. Of course CNR means Charles Nelson Reilly, who was a comedian and a panelist on the Match Game. The song is also in the style of The White Stripes and the video is done by Jib Jab. Man that's a lot of "Wikiing," I'm not sure if that's a term yet, but it should be.

Embedding was disabled for the video, so you're actually going to have to click right here.

If you finished watching this video and think to yourself "Gee I sure wish I could have my picture in this!" Think no longer! If you become a member of Jib Jab, you can upload a picture of your face and watch it dance around! Click here for that kind of fun goodness. Then click Become a Member.

So if you made it this far, you probably want to know my thoughts on this music video? Well I must say I enjoyed it, being a fan of The White Stripes I love it when Weird Al does parodies of bands I like. Also the video was great, comical and disturbing at times.

Aug 5, 2009

Resident Evil IV Film News

image from Amazon
Darn, I wish I had Blu-Ray

On an interesting interview by Bloody Disgusting with actress Milla Jovovich, the upcoming Resident Evil IV movie will be sure to knock your socks off! Jovovich implies that the fourth installment will pick up very shortly after the ending to the third movie, which means one large focal point - Alice clones! Expect to see 90% of the film consisting of Milla Jovovich(s) kicking large amounts of zombie, or maybe human, heck, even maybe robot butt.

Hoping to follow up with the rising fad, the film will also be released in a 3D format! Zombies, blood splatter, naked Milla Jovovich coming right at you! I'd pay. I'd pay big to see that. To experience that! Jovovich promotes the 3D production as using all the most advanced and top notch equipment, and her husband, who will be directing and in charge of the 3D department is apparently taking the format very seriously, studiously watching any and every 3D movie he can get his hands on to ensure the full effect, and see what works and what doesn't.

On the topic of a fifth installment of the series, Jovovich closes out the interview stating that so long as the fans keep showing their support, writing their letters, saying their prayers, and shelling out the cash, she sees no need to end the franchise. In fact, this movie like the rest of the films in the series will very likely have a strong, fulfilling, yet at the same time ultimately intriguing near-cliff hanger of an ending to keep the door open for any continuation.

Aug 4, 2009

Movie Review: Man on Wire

Source of Image

Take a look at the highest tightrope journey, how it became, who was behind it, how it was done, and how it ended. Philippe Petit was from France and began in a dentist office. He was looking at the pile of magazines in the waiting room when he discovered an article about the construction of the World Trade Centers. From that moment he had a dream, and that was to walk across the World Trade Centers on a tightrope.

This whole operation took months of planning. This documentary has the story right from the people that were there and know the story best. At times this documentary gets very intense, especially when they are trying to get on top of the World Trade Centers and almost run into guards numerous times. At times you don't think they are actually going to make it, but obviously they did because of the movie poster.

I recommend this movie to all of you that are looking for a great documentary to watch. It keeps you entertained throughout the entire movie and doesn't leave you bored at any time. I can't complain about this documentary at all, so I leave you with this short review. What else is great about this movie is that if you have Netflix, you can watch it straight from the instant watch.

Aug 3, 2009

Upcoming Albums I'm Stoked For

A rundown of the top 5 rumored upcoming album releases that I think will have a lot of potential. These are artists who have consistently put out good work, and are ranked with 5 being the least of the most excited about, and 1 being the very most excited about.

5) 30 Seconds To Mars, "This Is War". Set to have one of its first singles, "Hurricane" collaborating with my favorite rapper, Kanye West, this sparks a lot of interest in me. I've only heard/own their album A Beautiful Lie, which I'm told was a better album than their first, self titled album. So long as Jared Leto belts out the vocals like he did on A Beautiful Lie, in such tracks like "The Kill" and "Attack" I'll be very satisfied. The release date for this album is October 20, 2009.

4) Dethklok, "The Dethalbum II". A fictional band with a cult following from their cartoon on Adult Swim, Metalocalypse, I bought the first Dethalbum enjoyed it thoroughly, especially the track "Hatredcopter". The band doesn't have much of a track record beyond their previous record to my knowledge, but since it'll just be music from the TV show it'd be hard to imagine them going wrong on this. And what's great is the release date is right around the corner on September 8, 2009.

3) Paramore, "Brand New Eyes". Since hearing "Crushcrushcrush" off of the "Riot" album, and accompanied by "Misery Business" off the same album, I've become a huge fan of Paramore and own their two-album discography. This new album will feature their single "Ignorance" which sounds pretty rocking. In certain versions of this album, depending on where you pick it up, it will also feature the song "Decode" off of the Twilight Soundtrack. You can expect to see this on shelves September 29, 2009.

2) Lupe Fiasco, "Lasers". As much as I love rapper Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco is right up there as well. He makes rap nerdy and accessible, which I love as a suburban honky. I own both of Fiasco's previous albums, and each were very well acclaimed, and deservingly so. You might know Lupe Fiasco for such hits as "Superstar", "The Instrumental" and "Daydreamin'", but this new album's first single, "Shining Down" has some definite potential to top radio charts. December of 2009 can't come soon enough!

1) Maroon 5, *Currently Untitled*. Not a lot is known about this album other than the official Maroon 5 website's news page, the band has begun recording in July. Owning both of their previous albums - Songs About Jane, which had such hits as This Love and She Will Be Loved, and their album It Won't Be Soon Before Long, featuring Makes Me Wonder and Wake up Call, Maroon 5 have proven that they can do no wrong. A piece of contention relating to this album, is that it may be lead singer, Adam Levine's last. Levine has stated in various places, (credibility subject, as the initial wiki article sourced poorly, and no major US outlets have picked up the story, but I did find it here.) that this album might be Levine's last with the band. Unhappy with spending so much time on tour, Levine isn't looking at the lives of such veteran rock icons as The Rolling Stones as glamorous, but only time can tell. And speaking of time, while no official due date has been set for this untitled album, Maroon 5 is looking to get it onto shelves within the first couple of months in January 2010.

Aug 2, 2009


How does the upcoming G.I. Joe movie look? Alright? Thinking about seeing it? No? What about if you had a free ticket to see it? Ok now you're listening?

Enter here
for a chance to win a free movie ticket to the new G.I. Joe movie. Some people will even win the video game.

I've already seen a couple of people win a ticket. So it's looking like a pretty good contest.

Check out the trailer if you haven't seen it yet.

Also check out the official free flash game for the movie. It's actually quite fun to play.

Aug 1, 2009

A Serious Man

A Serious Man doesn't feature a lot of A-list actors, but The Coen Brothers are plenty famous themselves for such films as The Big Lebowski, Raising Arizona, No Country For Old Men, and Burn After Reading. The film appears to follow a man named Larry who's suffering from an identity crisis, a spiraling depression, and a repetitive yet chaotic lifestyle. Larry makes several cries for help but nobody seems to care.

It sounds utterly depressing, but to me, it seems pretty humorous. It's very clearly a dark comedy, as strung together by the opening and closing head-slamming. I'm not sure yet if I'll see this in theaters, but if I decide not to, it'll quite likely make its way to the top of my Netflix queue as soon as it makes it's DVD debut. There's something inexplicable about this trailer, maybe I see some hidden, subliminal illusion to my favorite Coen Brothers flick, The Big Lebowski, but I see huge potential.