Mar 24, 2010

Gaming, Drink and Food

Video games with a side of drinks and food are nice. Most gamers like to eat food, but I know all gamers like when food and video games come together! I found two food related stories for this post dedicated to the romance of food/drink and video games.

Remember when Mountain Dew made a Halo soda? Remember when Mountain Dew made a World of Warcraft soda? Now Mountain Dew is making a Metal Gear Solid soda. With characters from the game being placed on the cans. I know some people hate when Mountain Dew does this, but I actually liked the Halo soda they made. Never got a chance to try the World of Warcraft one, but it seems like Mountain Dew is pushing out new flavors of soda. I find it strange that the new soda being produced usually don't suck. I figure someday they're going to run out of flavors, and just start throwing junk into soda, like the peanut butter and jelly soda.

When the people at Kotaku bought the new XL DS, a special surprise came with it. A new game, an accessory, or even a little robot companion? Nope! A giant sub! It looks like Nintendo was being very generous. Not much to report on this... except it's awesome!

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