Apr 21, 2010

7 11 1337

Here at Organized Remains we always enjoy a nice clearance bin of games. Well 7-Eleven will become a new place to check out clearance games.

"7-Eleven will be teaming with a company called Game Trading Technologies, Inc., in order to procure the stock of used games. 7-Eleven will only carry games selling for $20 or less, which should stand at a stark contrast to the new releases that 7-Eleven sells, most of which retails for $50 or $60."

Looking at this picture from GamePro makes me think they will be only carrying games from this generation of consoles. This makes me sad, because they're no places around me that sell old school games. If 7-Eleven were to start selling old school games, I would be there to purchase some games and a Slurpee.

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