Apr 6, 2010

Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day Review

A Boston mob hires a hitman to kill a church-attending priest in a framejob similar to executions The Saints would perform. Knowing they've been sent a message, The Saints return to Boston from their discrete new lives for some blood thirsty payback.

What stands out the most in this movie is the frequent amount of comedy used. The first Boondock Saints was something of a dark comedy-action as well, but this sequel has a much higher laugh ratio. This film is almost as much a bro-mance comedy as it is a shoot-em-up action film.

Something else that stood out was the ending. The last scene of the film is memorable and exciting, but the lead-in to the last scene is so contrived and complicated that it felt like it was just thrown in there for the sake of a surprise. Besides this and maybe one other scene that involved a great surprise cameo but was way too dragged on, I wouldn't change a thing about this movie because it was incredibly well crafted, and unlike Axl Rose, this addition to the prior work's legacy isn't just a lot of noise.

My Highlights:
Conner, Murphey and Romeo's first attempted job at an Asian Gang's warehouse was so hysterical because you know as the plan is being laid out that there's no way it will work. And work it doesn't. Not ideally anyways. Another great highlight that actually doesn't involve guns or blood is the main villain's explanation for his actions. It's a weird scene because he gives one reason that makes sense and makes you sympathize and agree with him, but then he back-peddles and gives an entirely more sinister answer. The second answer he gives seems needless and shallow, but if you really think about the character, I think even he more truly believes in his first answer. Good stuff.

Overall Rating:
Because the last half an hour or so of the movie comes with a lot of bizarre surprises that may not make sense, this film can't be given a perfect score. It is definitely an excellent movie however and one for the red-blooded, testosterone filled males of today's generation, so I rate the movie 4 1/4 *'s out of 5, or 8 1/2 *'s out of 10.

When You Should See It:
In a grand spectrum, it's not the most gripping or intellectual drama you'll ever see, but it's undoubtedly an amazingly fun popcorn movie. I was laughing pretty hard at some of the parts, so it's pretty acceptable to rent at any point, or maybe even buy blindly.

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