Apr 13, 2010

CBVGR: Bionic Commando

Video Review:

Script: Welcome to the Clearance Bin Video Game Review by Organized Remains. Bionic Commando for the Xbox 360 is the game we're looking at today. It's also available on the PS3 and PC. For a new copy you can find it for $15, while the lowest used price I found it for was for $5.

First they used him. Then they betrayed him. Now he's their only hope. I find that the back of the case always explains the story better than I ever could. Also you want to find out more about your wife Emily. The story is alright, but who is here for a story? People want the arm!

This arm is the reason anyone would want to even think about playing this game. You can swing with it, destroy people with it, and even hack into things with it! While fighting with the arm is fun, the swinging is a pain to get used to. The flow is just not right and until you get a lot of experience it's very frustrating. Whenever a game has the ability to swing around levels, the developers should be forced to play Spider-Man 2: The Game, or even the original Bionic Commando!

Besides this arm, the game is alright at best. The weapons are lame compared to the arm unless it's the grenade launcher. When it comes to fighting, you just want to use the arm. It's not a good shooter game. It's a metal fist in the face game!

Final Say:
Bionic Commando failed to impress me at first. As I kept playing it and got used to the controls I warmed up to it. What made me pick it up was people saying it was underrated. There are people that loved this game. A remake of the original Bionic Commando is also available and around the same price. In my opinion I suggest checking out the remake of the original game because I enjoyed it more. If you are interested in checking out Bionic Commando, make sure to find a good deal on it before putting down $15 to $20 on it.

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  1. This was awesome. And now I will save monies! :D