Apr 4, 2010

Chris Kanyon Suicide

Christopher Klucsaritis AKA Chris Kanyon, (the first?) openly homosexual professional wrestler committed suicide today at the young age of forty. The cause of death was intentional overdose of medication stemming from bipolar disorder.

Kanyon made his name working for World Championship Wrestling from 1997-2001, then had a brief stint of popularity in 2001 working for World Wrestling Entertainment after their purchase of WCW. After his push died out as "Invasion MVP", drawing heat by screaming "WHO BETTA THAN KANYON!?", Kanyon faded into obscurity and was released in 2004. Kanyon blamed the release on management feeling uncomfortable with his lifestyle choice, and with the rare exception of a benefit show here or there in the independent scene, Kanyon retired from professional wrestling. Lifestyle choice or blame-game aside, Kanyon was a great wrestler who knew his craft in the ring and on the microphone. So Cheers to you Kanyon, sorry your demons got the better of you.

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